City & Guilds 咖啡國際證書課程 City & Guilds 咖啡國際證書課程
Tasse Coffee

UK City & Guilds Coffee Certificate

Suitable for those who wish to emigrate, open a store, or are interested in pursuing a career in coffee.
Tasse Coffee

Latte Art Grading System

Suitable for those who wish to emigrate, open a store, or are interested in pursuing a career in coffee.
Tasse Coffee

Tasse professional barista course (UK TQUK Qualifications)

Small class teaching, from entry to advanced, from players to experts

SCA Specialty Coffee International Course

Specialty coffee focuses on Quality Learning. We only provide 1 to 1 or 2 face-to-face courses. We hope to achieve the most humane and meticulous teaching mode. Welcome to inquire.

Tasse Coffee's Community Program

Through community projects, we not only promote coffee culture, but also help disadvantaged groups to re-enter society and other work
Recommended Course
International Coffee Certificate
Latte Art Grading System UK City & Guilds Barista Course UK TQUK Tasse Coffee Professional Barista Course SCA Coffee Certification Course
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Tasse Coffee Self-Instructed
Professional Barista Course
TQUK Qualifications - Introduction to Hand Pour, Siphon, Latte Art, small class teaching
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Order Taiwan Roasted Specialty Coffee
A variety of specialty coffee beans Cold brew coffee set
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Tasse Coffee is the only education center who offer four major international coffee certification in Hong Kong

A good cup of coffee should calm the mind ( T ranquil) and fascinated ( A ddictive), allowing those who enjoy it to show their sensual side ( S entimental), feel the uniqueness of each cup of coffee ( S special) and delicate ( E legant). Tasse Coffee has become the only coffee education center in Hong Kong that can teach SCA Speciality Coffee Association (Speciality Coffee Association), UK TQUK, Italy Latte Art Grading System and UK City and Guilds certification at the same time.

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About Tasse Coffee

The coffee education center brand co-founded by Candice and Wing hopes to allow different friends to enjoy coffee.

Because you really know coffee, you can enjoy coffee.

Brand story
Home Barista Coffee Class
From introductory coffee, advanced courses, practice-oriented, to meet the needs of different coffee lovers.
International Coffee Certificate Program
UK City and Guilds, TQUK, Italy LAGs and SCA International Coffee Certification

Tasse Coffee's own Home Barista focuses on practical coffee practice. If students wish to obtain international coffee certification at the same time, they can also take the International Coffee Certificate Course at Tasse Coffee to prepare for their future.

Tasse Coffee

Unit E, 6/F, "TLP132", 132-134 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong

852-7072 2865

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