SCA International Coffee Certification Course

Advanced coffee knowledge Essential core skills in the coffee workplace
SCA Coffee Certification Course
Course content

The newly integrated SCA CSP (Coffee Skills Program) course consists of Introduction to Coffee (coffee basics), barista training courses Barista Skills (barista), Green Coffee (green beans), Roasting (roasting), Sensory (flavor assessment) and Brewing (extraction). Each professional course consists of three stages (basic, intermediate, professional), and points are awarded after each stage is completed. Completing the required courses and earning 100 points will qualify you for the SCA Diploma in Coffee Skills (SCA Degree). This diploma is awarded by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and is recognised internationally.

SCA Coffee Certification Course
Introduction to Coffee

Introduction to Coffee is an introductory introduction to the other 5 courses, including basic teaching about coffee growing countries, coffee farming, extraction, roasting, flavor assessment, and the structure of coffee distribution in general. This course is suitable for those who are new to coffee or want to learn the basics of coffee in general.

SCA Coffee Certification Course
Green Bean Coffee

In the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certification, learning green bean coffee is indispensable. Students must be familiar with the country of origin, processing methods, agriculture, green bean evaluation, and the necessary contracts, transportation management, storage management, etc. when trading green beans. content.

SCA Coffee Certification Course
Sensory Skills

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)-accredited coffee sensory course teaches students to use objective and standard methods to evaluate coffee.Through the sensory course, you will gradually lead students to develop their own sense of taste and smell. Through the coffee cupping system, you can learn to evaluate a cup of coffee through cupping.

SCA Coffee Certification Course
Barista Skills

The Barista course certified by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), operates an espresso machine, making espresso and extending various beverages, making creamy milk foam and latte art, customer service, work and financial management, allowing students to become all-rounders barista.

SCA Coffee Certification Course
Brewing Skills

SCA Brewing's beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses to understand every variable when brewing with different brewing equipment, including learning the effect of grind, roast and water temperature on coffee brewing.

And learn the relationship between coffee concentration and extraction and understand the impact of different coffee powder to water ratios on coffee.

SCA Coffee Certification Course
Roasting Skills

The coffee roasting course is a must-learn course for students who plan to devote themselves to coffee roasting in the future.

The course teaches you to have a deep understanding of the roasting process, learn the core technology and equipment of roasting, and distinguish the flavor evaluation of different roasting degrees.