Tasse Coffee 手沖咖啡班
Tasse Coffee Coffee Education Center

TQUK Certification "Tasse Own Basic Barista Course"

5 lessons to learn pour over coffee, siphon coffee, espresso, latte art and coffee bean roasting
"Tasse Coffee's Own Basic Barista Course"
Recognized by TQUK UK Qualifications Framework
Tasse Coffe's own "Professional Barista" course has been recognized by the British qualifications framework TQUK. After completing 5 courses, students can take the assessment for a fee. After completion, they can simultaneously obtain the British TQUK "Introduction to Coffee Level 1" certification, which is internationally recognized. TQUK is currently ranked among the Top 10 Awarding Organizations in the UK. It is regulated by the British Government's "Qualifications and Examinations Regulation Bureau" and is an internationally recognized qualifications awarding organization.
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course unit one
The basics about Coffee 及 Brewing Skills in Hand Drip Coffee

- How to choose the coffee beans that suit your taste by production area and processing method

- Basic tasting method of coffee beans

- Understand the recognition and skills of the flavor wheel

- Get to know different coffee producing regions, varieties and flavors

- Know how to use different brewing tools

- Learn different hand-brewed coffee techniques, the importance of sweet, sour and bitter temperature and scale

- Understand the relationship between extraction and concentration

course unit two
Brewing Skills in Siphon Coffee

- Application and practice of siphon coffee

- Difference between siphon coffee and other brewing tools

- The origin and flavor characteristics of the siphon pot

Curriculum Unit 3
Practical Skills of Espresso Coffee

- Differences and applications of home and commercial coffee machines and grinders

- Different coffee brewing techniques

- Learn to adjust the taste, texture and aftertaste of an appropriate espresso coffee

- The difference between espresso blends and single-origin beans

Curriculum Unit 4
Practical skills of Latte Art

- Teaching students according to the standard of "Coffee Latte Art Certification System"

- Coffee Learn how to froth milk using home and commercial espresso machines

- Learn the technique of latte art, starting from "heart"

- Then learn and practice various coffee latte art patterns

Curriculum Unit 5
Basics about Coffee Roasting

- Understand basic baking concepts

- Practice how to apply bake curves

"Tasse Coffee Basic Barista Course"
Enroll in the "Tasse Coffee Basic Barista Course" to take the assessment for another $1800, and upon completion, you can also obtain the TQUK "Introduction to Coffee Level 1" certification in the UK, which is internationally recognized.
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