SCA Coffee Course (Physical & Online)

SCA Beginner CourseWe have regular courses and Online, suitable for group and distance learning.For courses above the mid-range, we only provide one-on-one or two-to-one lessons, so that you can focus on learning, avoid the interference and distractions of other students, and give you more targeted guidance and advice.
Compare SCA Coffee Private and Group Classes (1)

Class time comparison:
One-on-one: You only need to cooperate with the teacher in class, and the time is more flexible.Group classes: the class time is fixed, and it is difficult to arrange the time by yourself

Comparison of teaching methods:
One-on-one: In addition to physical teaching, part of the content of the coffee course is also very suitable for online teaching, saving time.Group classes: Multi-person online courses are likely to have connection quality or other experience problems, so group classes are basically taught in entities.

Compare SCA Coffee Private and Group Classes (2)

Course content:
One-to-one: In addition to teaching the content according to the scope of the international certificate, it can also be freely adjusted according to the needs of students, and some other technologies will be emphasized according to the needs of students. The content is closer to the actual needs, and there is practice time and opportunities to use tools More and more diverse than group classes.

Group class:
The number of people is limited and the time is limited. In the teaching materials, the scope of the international certificate must be completed first, and the number of people is large. The progress must be coordinated with all the students in the class. It is difficult to teach more practical experience other than books, and there are relatively few opportunities for practice. One-to-one is rare and requires waiting time.

Class Fee:
One-to-one: Lessons are relatively expensive
Group classes: Tuition is relatively flat

SCA coffee private class and group class
Summarize the pros and cons

To summarize the advantages of SCA one-on-one courses:
1. The course schedule is flexible, and you can freely choose the class time
2. The teaching materials are customized, and the teacher can easily grasp the progress of the students
3. The trust relationship between students and teachers is relatively close
4. You can follow up with more practice opportunities

To summarize the disadvantages of SCA one-on-one courses:
1. Courses are more expensive
2. The quality of teaching has a great influence, so it is necessary to carefully select the right teacher

Summarize the advantages of SCA group class courses:
1. Fixed class time can cultivate students' habit of learning
2. There are classmates who can communicate and learn from each other
3. The course structure is relatively complete, suitable for systematic learning
4. Course prices are relatively affordable.

To summarize the disadvantages of SCA group class courses:
1. It is difficult for teachers to grasp the learning status of students
2. Less opportunities to practice
3. The class time cannot be adjusted freely. If you ask for leave, you must find another time to make up the class

SCA Coffee Private & Group Classes

Based on the above comparison, it can be found that one-on-one lessons are more flexible, and it is easier for teachers to grasp the student's situation, but the disadvantage is that the class fee is relatively high. If there are financial considerations, you can choose the teaching form of [free group class], in addition to saving class fees, compared with group classes, teachers can better grasp the learning situation of each student, adjust the class progress and teaching materials in a timely manner, so that each student can learn something in class.

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