Italian Barista Method Courses in Italy

The Italian barista certification course is a coffee course designed for the daily work needs of professional baristas with the goal of practical application.
Italian Coffee Certification Course
What is the Italian Barista Method (IBM) Certificate Program?

There are many different barista certificate courses on the market, including SCA’s Barista course, but SCA’s courses focus on theory and coffee experiment science, and do not cover much of the daily work of baristas.

The Italian Itialian Barista Method is divided into elementary and advanced Barista courses, mainly to complement the SCA courses. IBM courses focus on the real needs of baristas and the real needs of coffee shop managers: being able to prepare in an efficient way every recipe, and serve every customer with speed and confidence,

Tasse Coffee is delighted to be the only coffee education center in Hong Kong to teach the IBM International Certificate programme.

Italian Barista Method Barista Certification Course

Italian Barista Method
What are the benefits of getting IBM?

1. You will really learn the practical skills of a barista, how to handle daily barista work efficiently and quickly!

2. You will learn from the most traditional to the latest coffee brewing methods, by Cortado to flat white to caffè Shakerato!

3. You will learn how to set up and prepare the best espresso menu according to different environments and customer groups!

4. You will have the opportunity to be ranked in the "Barista Time Trial" contest.

5. After successful graduation, they will be officially listed on the global IBM graduate roster and recognized globally.

Italian Barista Method
Course Content for Beginner Barista

1. Learn the characteristics of coffee plants and main varieties: Arabica, robusta and hybrids

2. Coffee processing: picking, stripping, washed and dry method

3. Learn what is roasting and blending

4. Learn traditional espresso and other Italian coffee brewing methods

5. Learn the history of espresso machines and the latest technology to learn how to make them Espresso - dosing, grinding and tamping

5. study The theory and making of Cappuccino, how to brew Milk Frothing according to Italian standards

6. classic Coffee Recipe:Latte Macchiato, Cafe Latte, Americano, Moroccan, Shaked Espresso, Espresso Macchiato

7. Practice espresso settings, whipping, counter procedures and techniques

8. Maintenance and cleaning of coffee machines, descaling, backwashing and cleaning of grinders

9. Final Theory Exam and Practical Examination

Italian Barista Method
Course Content for Advanced Barista

1. Deep understanding coffee varietals, farming practices and processing methods (honey, pulped, fermented)

2. A detailed description of the roasting process and roast profile, how the roasting process changes the flavor of the espresso

3. Espresso's Sensory, including Coffee comparing exercises

4. Set up different espresso recipes and compare them

5. Learn about the chemistry of water in espresso Italian Coffee Recipe, 包括 bicerin、leccese coffee、affogato

6. Learn about unique drinks from around the world, including caffèshakerato、Cortado、Flat white、Spanish Latte 等。

7. Coffee Brewing 的 Overview

8. Learning Design Coffee Shop Menu

9. Beverage costing practice

10. Latte Art Latte Practice

11. "Barista time trial"

12. Final theory test, practical test and "Barista time trial" time trial