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Teaching International Coffee Courses

TQUK, City & Guilds, Latte Art and SCA courses
TQUK & Tasse Coffee Professional Barista Training Course
Practically oriented and internationally compliant accredited courses

Five coffee classes teach you the basics of coffee, pour-over coffee, siphon coffee, espresso, latte art and coffee bean roasting.Find out which coffee brew method you prefer, and take an Advanced or International Certificate course after graduation.

Tasse Coffe's exclusive "Professional Barista" course has been recognized by the British Qualifications Framework TQUK. Students can pay to participate in the assessment test. After completion, they can simultaneously obtain the British TQUK "Introduction to Coffee Level 1" certification and international recognition.

CITY & GUILDS International Coffee Blender Course
CITY & GUILDS International Coffee Course

7102-52 City & Guilds International Awards in Barista Skills The traditional British coffee course focuses on the operation of the water bar, and the brewed drinks are mainly based on the needs of the restaurant.

Latte Art Course
Latte Art Grading System

Coffee Latte Art Certification is an Italian Coffee International Certificate Course, which is a grading and certification of latte art skills, creativity and artistic presentation.Obtaining the qualification means that you have the relevant latte art skills and qualifications.

SCA Coffee Course
Improve your coffee theory knowledge and techniques

 SCA Speciality Coffee Association (Speciality Coffee Association) is committed to promoting international coffee professional knowledge. The SCA coffee system provides an important channel that meets the needs of professional education and helps course professionals to improve their coffee skills. Their coffee skills are mainly divided into six themes – coffee basics (SCA Introduction to Coffee), green beans (SCA Green Coffee), sensory (SCA Sensory Skills), extraction (SCA Brewing), Italian coffee (SCA Barista Skills), roasting (SCA Roasting).


Italian Barista Method 證書課程 - 以實戰為主的 Barista 課程,針對作為咖啡師的所有日常工作需求,填補 SCA 課程的不足之處。教授 🇮🇹 最傳統咖啡沖煮配方,最Origin 嘅咖啡 espresso 味道。