Tasse Coffee 咖啡教育中心 SCA Premier Training Campus

6 coffee courses at international level

The only education center in Hong Kong to teach six international coffee certification-CQI Q-Grader, SCA, TQUK, City & Guilds, Latte Art and IBM certification courses
CQI Q-Grader Course in Tasse Coffee
Explore the ultimate in coffee quality

Tasse Coffeee is the only coffee education center in Hong Kong that can teach CQI Q-Grader Q Arabica and Q robusta courses. It is more than just a course, it is an adventure into the world of coffee. Whether you are an industry person seeking to enhance your professional skills or a lover with a passion for coffee, this course will take you to the essence of coffee quality assessment.

TQUK Tasse Coffee Basic Barista Course
An accredited course that focuses on specialty coffee brewing practices and meets international standards

British TQUK Basic Barista Course - Tasse's own course, taken from other international courses as a template, obtained TQUK certification, covering five categories of hand brewing, siphon, lattica, espresso, roasting, closer to the needs of general Cafe, once experience different categories of coffee, very suitable for novices to apply, 1 person price 00, you can add 00 to participate in TQUK assessment!

CITY & GUILDS International Coffee Blender Course
With a long history, it teaches an internationally recognized course on brewing water bar drinks

The City & Guilds Barista Course from the United Kingdom - a traditional program with the highest recognition, focusing on bar operations, primarily preparing beverages for restaurant settings. The assessment does not include hand drip and latte art techniques, making it suitable for beginners. The cost for an individual is $4,380, and for two people attending together, it is $4,000 per person! 🤩

Italian Latte Art Grading System
Latte-based internationally recognized courses

Italian Latte Art Course - focuses on the assessment of latte art skills, a certification for latte art skills, creativity and artistic presentation. Qualification means that you have relevant latte art skills and qualifications. Price starts from 90

SCA Coffee Course
TASSE One-to-one and two-face SCA courses, carefully improve the theoretical knowledge and technical operation of fine coffee Transfer: SCA private or group class courses, carefully improve the theoretical knowledge and technical operation of fine coffee

The European Fine Coffee Association SCA Professional Coffee Course, which focuses on theory and experimentation, is one of the world's most professional coffee qualifications that a boutique barista must obtain. In addition to the guided course coffee foundation (Introduction to Coffee), it is also divided into five categories, including barista skills (Barista Skills), extraction (Brewing), bean science (Green Coffee), baking (Roasting) and sensory skills (Sensory Skills), which require more time and effort to improve professional coffee skills in all aspects than other international certificate courses.

The only Italian barista course in Hong Kong

Italian Barista Method Certificate Course - A hands-on Barista course that fills in the gaps of the SCA course by addressing all the day-to-day demands of working as a barista.Teach 🇮🇹 the most traditional coffee brewing recipe and the most original coffee espresso taste.