Tasse Coffee

5 major international coffee courses

The only one in Hong Kong to teach five major international coffee certification education centers - TQUK, City & Guilds, Latte Art, SCA and IBM certification courses
TQUK Tasse Coffee Basic Barista Course
An accredited course that focuses on specialty coffee brewing practices and meets international standards

British TQUK Basic Barista Course - Tasse's own course, taken from other international courses as a template, obtained 🇬🇧TQUK certification, covering five categories of hand brewing, siphon, lattica, espresso, roasting, closer to the needs of general Cafe, once experience different categories of coffee, very suitable for novices to apply, 1 person price 00, you can add 00 to participate in 🇬🇧TQUK assessment!

CITY & GUILDS International Coffee Blender Course
With a long history, it teaches an internationally recognized course on brewing water bar drinks

British City & Guilds Coffee Blender Course - 🇬🇧Traditional course, the most well-known, with the water bar operation as the main axis, the drinks prepared are mainly based on the needs of the restaurant, the assessment scope does not involve hand pouring and latte art, suitable for novices to enroll, 1 The price is 80 per person, 4000 per person for 2 people! 🤩

Italian Latte Art Grading System
Latte-based internationally recognized courses

Italian Latte Art Latte Art Course - 🇮🇹 focuses on the assessment of latte art skills, a certification for latte art skills, creativity and artistic presentation. Qualification means that you have relevant latte art skills and qualifications. Price starts from 90

SCA Coffee Course
Tasse taught SCA courses one-on-one and two-face, meticulously improving the theoretical knowledge and technical operation of specialty coffee.

The SCA coffee course of the European Coffee Specialty Association - 🇪🇺 The SCA course focuses on coffee theory and experimentation. It is mainly divided into 5 major areas. It is the highest professional coffee qualification in the world that must be obtained as a specialty barista. It requires the most time and effort, and the price is relatively expensive. . These include coffee basics (SCA Introduction to Coffee), green beans (SCA Green Coffee), sensory (SCA Sensory Skills), extraction (SCA Brewing), espresso (SCA Barista Skills), and roasting (SCA Roasting).

The only Italian barista course in Hong Kong

Italian Barista Method Certificate Course - A hands-on Barista course that fills in the gaps of the SCA course by addressing all the day-to-day demands of working as a barista.Teach 🇮🇹 the most traditional coffee brewing recipe and the most original coffee espresso taste.