Latte Art Grading System

Italian International Latte Art Certification

Tasse Coffee is the only accredited examination venue in the New Territories that can take the Latte Art Grading System Coffee Latte Art Certificate Course.It is suitable for those who wish to immigrate, open a shop or intend to pursue a career in coffee.
Tasse Coffee
What is the "Coffee Latte Art Certification System"?

Coffee Latte Art Certification is an Italian Coffee International Certificate Course, which is a grading and certification of latte art skills, creativity and artistic presentation.Obtaining the qualification means that you have the relevant latte art skills and qualifications.

The Latte Art Grading System is divided into five grades: white, orange, green, red and black.Each level has its designated certification test items, and baristas must complete the test items before they can obtain the certification.

Tasse Coffee Designated Approved Exam Venue Qualification
Latte Art Grading System

Tasse Coffee instructors are certified examiners of Latte Art System Green, Red and Black certifications.Our venue is also specially equipped with professional equipment, Italian coffee machine, grinder, etc., in order to meet the qualification of the examination venue for the coffee latte art certification.

Past student experience sharing


Barista, who is a local coffee shop, wants to pass the relevant national hidden certificate qualifications because he wants to immigrate, so it is more difficult to apply for the white and orange certifications. Fortunately, there are tutors to teach by the side. , so it's all done in the end.

Lawrence Law
Incumbent Part-time Barista

Because I was going to the UK soon, I finally chose to enroll in the professional barista course of Tasse Coffee, and then went on to study the Latte Art certificate course. I have now completed the green certification.I have a lot of confidence in the work related to coming to the UK to operate a coffee shop.Many thanks to my mentors Candice and Wing, they taught me so patiently that I basically learned from scratch and my family can pull flowers. They all have a sense of success.

Alex Tsang

I read City & Guilds of Tasse Coffee before, and then I knew that I had the certificate of Latte Art, so once I read it, it was really difficult for me to work in the coffee industry. Fortunately, with the help of my tutor Any, I finally finished it. , Thanks Tasse Coffee Team.

Gigi Leung
current teacher

I run a local coffee shop and know that there is a Latte Art Grading System, so I arrange for my employees to apply for it. It is a kind of on-the-job training. The employees are satisfied with this arrangement, and at least have the internationally recognized latte art skills certification.

Ricky Cheung
Run a local coffee shop
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