CQI Q-Grader Arabica and Q Robusta Coffee Certification Course

Tasse Coffee is proud to announce that it has become the only coffee education institution in Hong Kong to offer both Q Arabica and Q Robusta courses. These two courses provide excellent opportunities for coffee enthusiasts and professionals to deepen their knowledge and skills.
All Hong Kong only offer Q-Grader Arabica and Robusta courses
Open the door of coffee quality assessment

Tasse Coffee offers a unique Q Arabica and Q Robusta Combo Course, an in-depth course designed for coffee industry professionals and real coffee lovers. This course combines in-depth study and tasting of the two most dominant coffee bean species-Arabica and Robusta beans-to provide participants with a comprehensive coffee knowledge and skills upgrade.

CQI Coffee Quality Institute
Q Arabica Combo 6 day course
  • Theoretical study : In-depth study of the history, cultivation techniques and processing methods of Arabica coffee.
  • Sensory Evaluation Techniques : Learn how to use professional cup testing techniques to evaluate the quality of Arabica coffee.
  • Practical Operation : Participate in actual baking drills and tasting sessions to deepen your understanding of the flavor characteristics of Arabica coffee.
CQI Coffee Quality Institute
Q 6 Robusta Course
  • Variety exploration : Learn about robusta bean's growing characteristics and position in the global coffee market.
  • Flavor Identification : Learn to identify and appreciate the unique flavor and texture of Robusta coffee through professional tasting.
  • Market Application : Master the application of Robusta beans in coffee blending and understand its importance in the industry.
World Class Coffee Mentor Qualification
Paul Kim

Tasse Coffee is proud to announce that our Q Arabica and Q Robusta courses are personally taught by world-class coffee expert Paul Kim. Paul Kim is not only one of the only 20 professionals in the world who can teach CQI Arabica and Robusta courses, but also won the honor of one of the only two outstanding tutors (distinguished instructor) with Q Arabica / Robusta Grader qualification for two consecutive years in 2022-23. He is definitely a highly respected predecessor by international peers.

  • Industry Qualifications :Paul Kim has over 12 years of experience in the coffee industry.
  • International teaching background : He has taught in Ethiopia, the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, and South Korea.
  • Multilingual ability :Paul Kim is able to teach and communicate in English and Korean.

Professional Achievements

  • Coffee quality control expert : Founder and head of the KimKilJin Coffee Laboratory, which he founded in 2006, paul Kim has achieved many successes in the field of coffee quality control.
  • Coffee Competition Judge : He has served as a judge for several world-class barista competitions.
  • Certified Tutor : Since 2011, Paul Kim has been an authorized barista trainer of SCAE and a professional tutor of SCAA since 2015.