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Tasse Coffee 手沖咖啡班
Want to be a Home Barista ?
Tasse Coffee Basic Barista Training Course
In addition to introductory classes and advanced classes, Tasse Coffee also has five professional barista courses in a row, laying the foundation for you to become a Home Barista. After completion, you can directly apply for the British TQUK examination and directly obtain the international certificate qualification.Of course, students can continue to study a series of advanced courses, or obtain international certificate qualifications, including Latte Art Grading System, City & Guilds Barista Course and SCA Coffee Course provided by Tasse Coffee.
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Tasse Coffee Introductory Course
Love coffee from scratch ☕️

No experience in coffee brewing is required. The class starts from scratch and introduces students to different coffee brewing methods. Our introductory class is mainly divided into hand brewing and latte art, with small class teaching. If there are special requirements, one-to-one private lessons can be arranged.

Tasse Coffe Coffee Advanced Course
Immediately improve your coffee skills

If you have a certain knowledge of coffee, you are willing to spend more time to understand and improve your coffee knowledge and skills. Our advanced coffee courses will definitely help you and take you a step forward in becoming a real Home Barista. stride !

Tasse Coffee Professional Barista Training Course
Five sessions in a row will make you fall in love with coffee from now on

Five coffee classes teach you the basics of coffee, pour-over coffee, siphon coffee, espresso, latte art and coffee bean roasting.Find out which coffee brew method you prefer, and take an Advanced or International Certificate course after graduation.

Tasse Coffe's own "Professional Barista" course has been recognized by the British Qualifications Framework TQUK. Students can pay to take the assessment test. After completing the course, they can simultaneously obtain the British TQUK "Introduction to Coffee Level 1" certification and international recognition.