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TASSE COFFEE, tell a coffee story with a cup.

Inherit culture through education and create opportunities through profession.

Create a community program for coffee education
Tasse Coffee Hong Kong Certified Social Enterprise

Tasse Coffee Tasse Coffee is an accredited social enterprise in Hong Kong. It hopes to spread coffee culture to all levels of society through education, starting from a cup of coffee.

We are committed to carrying forward the essence of coffee, offering coffee courses for international professional certificates, so that all local people who are interested in coffee can learn in depth, and inherit the concept of coffee education.

In order to fulfill the social mission and at the same time inherit the concept of coffee education, in the past, it has continuously provided skills training for young people, the elderly, the unemployed and the physically disabled, creating employment opportunities, hoping to re-enter the society, and also pack the coffee ear bag, Giving to disadvantaged groups and facilitating their reintegration into society.

In this way, we are deeply cultivating in the community. We hope to start with a cup of coffee and continue to pass on coffee culture to all levels of society through education.

Tasse Coffee, tell a coffee story with a cup.Inherit culture through education and create opportunities through profession.

The only 5 major international coffee certificates in Hong Kong
At the same time, SCA, Lags, City & Guild, Barista Method and TQUK international professional coffee courses are offered

Tasse Coffee is very pleased to have successfully passed the review of the British Qualifications Framework and become an internationally recognized education center of the TQUK Qualifications Framework (Centre No: 8962779217). Tasse Coffee has been recognized by the International Qualifications Framework in terms of tutor qualifications and center equipment.

This has given great affirmation and impetus to Tasse Coffee's continuous efforts in promoting the professionalization, systematization and popularization of coffee education.

TQUK (UK Qualifications Training) is currently the top 10 awarding organization in the UK. It is an internationally recognized qualification certification body.

In addition, Tasse Coffee is also an accredited education and examination center for Italian Latte Art Grading System, Barista Method Certificate and British City and Guilds coffee courses. At the same time, it can also teach the SCA coffee courses of the European Specialty Coffee Association, which is the only one in Hong Kong.

Founder CANDICE Philosophy
"As a coffee instructor, I will teach every student attentively."

It all started with working holiday in Australia.

When he went to Australia ten years ago, the founder, Candice, thought about what kind of work he wanted to do.During my university studies in Hong Kong or even after graduation, I dabbled in the catering industry and the red wine industry, delved into the brewing process and evaluation of red and white wine, and thought of coffee that also symbolizes the taste of life, so I went to work in coffee shops on the Gold Coast and Melbourne, and even enrolled in local coffee courses. , constantly absorbing relevant professional knowledge and skills, from which she realized that coffee is not just a cup of drink, but also contains rich culture and stories behind it. Since then, her world has added a flavor!

After returning to Hong Kong, Candice continued to delve into the mysteries of coffee, and insisted on obtaining the qualification of SCA barista instructor.For a long time, she wanted to have a space to share her stories and experiences with relatives, friends and people who are interested in coffee, but the local coffee industry advocated a business model, so she brought everything back to the original point, but this time it was her As a mentor, take everyone to explore the world of coffee.

In 2021, she accepted the invitation of the Employees Retraining Bureau under the government to become a coffee training instructor, imparting the coffee knowledge she has learned to people who have difficulty finding employment, helping them improve their professional skills and reintegrate into society. original intention.

Candice 咖啡導師
Tasse Coffee
Coffee Mentor Team Qualifications

> Years of barista work experience in Australia
> "Coffee Latte Art Certificate Course" Latte Art Grading System Approved Examiner
> City and Guilds International Barista Skills Qualification Certificate and Approved Examiner
> Specialty Coffee Association recognized AST tutor qualification
> Active Duty Employees Retraining Board VTC- IVDC ERB Course Instructor
> Obtained the City & Guilds International Award in Barista Skills British International Coffee Blender Certification
> Passed the "Coffee Latte Art Certificate Course" Latte Art Grading System certification
> Obtained Specialty Coffee Association - Coffee Diploma certificate
> Certified by the Specialty Coffee Association - Barista Skills
> Certified by Specialty Coffee Association - Brewing Specialty Coffee Association - Extraction
> Certified by Specialty Coffee Association - Sensory
> Certified by Specialty Coffee Association - Roasting Specialty Coffee Association - Roasting
> Certified by Specialty Coffee Association - Green Bean Specialty Coffee Association - Green Bean Science