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TASSE COFFEE, Describe a coffee story with a coffee cup.

We aspire to pass on the coffee culture to all levels of society through education.
Inherit culture through education and create opportunities through profession.

Create a community program for coffee education
Tasse Coffee Hong Kong Certified Social Enterprise

Tasse Coffee Tasse Coffee is an accredited social enterprise in Hong Kong. It hopes to spread coffee culture to all levels of society through education, starting from a cup of coffee.

We are committed to carrying forward the essence of coffee, offering coffee courses for international professional certificates, so that all local people who are interested in coffee can learn in depth, and inherit the concept of coffee education.

In order to fulfill the social mission and at the same time inherit the concept of coffee education, in the past, it has continuously provided skills training for young people, the elderly, the unemployed and the physically disabled, creating employment opportunities, hoping to re-enter the society, and also pack the coffee ear bag, Giving to disadvantaged groups and facilitating their reintegration into society.

In this way, we are deeply cultivating in the community. We hope to start with a cup of coffee and continue to pass on coffee culture to all levels of society through education.

Tasse Coffee, tell a coffee story with a cup.Inherit culture through education and create opportunities through profession.

The only 6 international coffee certificates in Hong Kong
At the same time, CQI Q-Grader, SCA, Lags, City & Guild, barista Method and TQUK international professional coffee courses are offered.

Tasse Coffee is a SCA-recognized Premier Training Campus, and has successfully passed the UK Qualifications Framework Review and become the TQUK Qualifications Framework International Recognized Education Center (Centre No: 8962779217). Tasse Coffee has been recognized by the International Qualifications Framework in terms of tutor qualifications and central equipment.

This has given great affirmation and impetus to Tasse Coffee's continuous efforts in promoting the professionalization, systematization and popularization of coffee education.

TQUK (UK Qualifications Training) is currently the top 10 awarding organization in the UK. It is an internationally recognized qualification certification body.

In addition, Tasse Coffee is also an approved education and examination center for CQI Q-Grader, Italy's Latte Art Grading System, barista Method Certificate and UK City and Guilds coffee courses. It can also teach SCA coffee courses of the European Fine Coffee Association, which is the only one in Hong Kong.

Founder CANDICE Story
"A coffee tutor with a deep passion and expertise in coffee 」

From a university lecture hall in Hong Kong to Australia's Gold Coast, candice story is not just about coffee, but about a journey of excellence and shared passion. Her academic background in Hong Kong fostered her love for food culture, but what really ignited her passion for the coffee world was her work experience in coffee shops on the Gold Coast and Melbourne in Australia, as well as her in-depth study of local coffee courses.

Candice journey proves that coffee is not only a drink, but also an art and culture. Her passion and expertise is not only a personal improvement, but also a manifestation of social responsibility. After returning to Hong Kong, she not only insisted on obtaining the SCA barista tutor qualification, but also further passed on her knowledge and experience to others, especially becoming a coffee training course tutor for the Employees Retraining Board under the government in 2021, helping people with employment difficulties to improve their vocational skills.

Candice insist that Tasse Coffee is not only an educational center, but a platform to inspire others. Her story and the founding of Tasse Coffee show that her love for coffee is not only a career, but also a way of life and social contribution.

Candice 咖啡導師
Founder WING Story
From Pixels to Beans: The Designer's Road to Coffee 」

Wing can be described an individual who transitioned from digital art to coffee industry. After obtaining a master's degree in design strategy from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he has invested many years in digital user experience design, combining creativity with technology. He created an all-round digital chat platform and successfully sold it to an Indian technology company.

Since 2015, he has studied coffee deeply and became a certified barista trainer, SCA Trainer, Q-Grader and examiner of the UK barista course.

Currently based in Tokyo, he is responsible for operating the Tokyo Tasse Coffee Roastery and linking Hong Kong and Japan coffee Community.

World Class Team Consultant
Paul Kim

Tasse Coffee also has world-class coffee expert Paul Kim personally as a team education consultant. Paul Kim is not only one of only 18 professionals in the world who can teach CQI Arabica and Robusta courses, but also one of only three Distingushed Instructor in the world.

  • Industry Qualifications :Paul Kim has over 12 years of experience in the coffee industry.
  • International teaching background : He has taught in Ethiopia, the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, and South Korea.
  • Coffee quality control expert : Founder and head of the KimKilJin Coffee Laboratory, which he founded in South Korea in 2006, paul Kim has achieved many successes in the field of coffee quality control.
  • Coffee Competition Judge : He has served as a judge for several world-class barista competitions.
Tasse Coffee
Coffee Mentor Team Qualifications
  • Years of experience working as a barista in Australia
  • Active Service Employees Retraining Board VTC- IVDC ERB Course Instructor
  • CQI Arabica Q-Grader Qualification
  • Specialty Coffee Association Recognized AST Mentor Qualifications
  • Latte Art Grading System Accredited Examiner
  • City and Guilds International Coffee Maker Skills Qualification Certificate and Accredited Examiner
  • City & Guilds International Award in Barista Skills UK International Coffee Blends
  • Latte Art Grading System Certification
  • Specialty Coffee Association - Coffee Diploma Certificate
  • Certified by Specialty Coffee Association-Barista Skills Fine Coffee Association - Barista Skills
  • Specialty Coffee Association - Brewing Fine Coffee Association Certification-Extraction
  • Certified by Specialty Coffee Association - Sensory Fine Coffee Association - Sensory
  • Specialty Coffee Association - Roasting Fine Coffee Association Certification-Roasting
  • Specialty Coffee Association - Green Bean Fine Coffee Association Certification-Bean Science