Our Story


"Tasse is a space to explore more possibilities in the future"
"Tasse is a class that really learns the specialty of coffee"
"Tasse is a platform to experience life and contribute to society through mutual understanding."

The only coffee education center in Hong Kong that can teach four major coffee courses
SCA, Lags, City & Guild and TQUK International Professional Coffee Courses

Tasse Coffee is very pleased to have successfully passed the UK Qualifications Framework review and become a TQUK Qualifications Framework Accredited Education Center (Centre No: 8962779217). Tasse Coffee has been recognized by the International Qualifications Framework in terms of instructor qualifications and center equipment.

This gives a great affirmation and impetus to Tasse Coffee's long-term desire to promote the professionalization, systematization and popularization of coffee education.

TQUK (UK Qualifications Training) is currently the top 10 awarding organization in the UK. It is an internationally recognized qualification certification body.

In addition, Tasse Coffee is also an accredited education and examination center for the Latte Art Grading System in Italy and the City and Guilds coffee courses in the United Kingdom. It is also the only one in Hong Kong to teach the SCA coffee course of the European Specialty Coffee Association.

"As a coffee instructor, I will teach every student attentively."

During his university studies in Hong Kong, he had extensive exposure to the catering industry and worked part-time in various hotels and restaurants. After graduation, he worked in the red wine industry, with knowledge and research on the brewing process and evaluation of red and white wine. After that, he worked in the largest club in Hong Kong. Deep understanding of management, operation and service provision.

By chance, I went to Australia for a working holiday. I worked in coffee shops on the Gold Coast and Melbourne respectively. I was fascinated by the strong local coffee culture. Since then, my world has gained a new taste!During my work, I realized that coffee is not just a drink, there is a wealth of knowledge and culture behind it.I keep learning about the types and production areas of coffee, how to brew it, and how to taste it. I even enroll in local coffee courses just to enrich my professional knowledge.

After returning to Hong Kong, I continued to study and acquire coffee-related knowledge and brewing skills, and insisted on obtaining the SCA barista qualification.I have always wanted to have a space to share my coffee story, experience and professional knowledge with my friends and people who are interested in coffee. I slowly came up with the idea of opening Tasse Coffee, hoping to contribute to the promotion of coffee. .

In 2021, I will accept the invitation of the Government's Employees Retraining Board to become a coffee training course instructor. I will impart the coffee knowledge I have learned to those who have difficulty finding employment, help them improve their vocational skills and return to social work. Carry out the original intention of establishing Tasse Coffee.

Candice 咖啡導師
Founder WING
"Coffee learning can help those in need."

He used to work in the management of a large organization. In 2020, he decided to give up the annual salary of one million yuan, and established the Tasse Coffee Coffee Education Center with Candice to make coffee education professional, systematic and popular.

He has completed ERB and SCA Diploma coffee certificate qualifications, and because he has been engaged in user experience design related work for many years, it is easy to observe things around him from the perspective of students and understand their pain points in learning coffee.We understand that learning through coffee can inspire many possibilities, especially for young people.

In recent years, regardless of the great changes in politics and society, many friends have changed their original life and work patterns. Therefore, I hope that through coffee education, not only will I embark on a new journey of coffee entrepreneurship, but also hope to help those in need / lost their way. people, will give back what they have learned to the society, enlightening them with more possibilities.

Tasse Coffee
Coffee Mentor Team Qualifications

- Active duty VTC IVDC ERB course instructor
- City and Guilds International Coffee Blender Skills Certificate
- Latte Art Grading System Instructor Qualification Certificate
- City & Guilds International Award in Barista Skills UK International Coffee Blender Certification
- Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), AST Instructor Qualification Certificate
- Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - Barista Skills Specialty Coffee Association Certification - Barista Skills
- Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - Brewing Specialty Coffee Association Certified - Extraction
- Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - Sensory Specialty Coffee Association Certification - Sensory
- Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - Roasting Specialty Coffee Association Certification - Roasting
- Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - Green Bean Specialty Coffee Association Certification - Green Bean Science