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Tasse Coffee is located in the "TLP132" commercial building near KCC in Kwai Hing, about 5 minutes walk from Kwai Hing Station, about 1200 feet, hoping to provide a comfortable environment for coffee education.
Tasse Coffee
Create a comfortable space

When you come to Tasse Coffee, in addition to finding your own coffee, you can also enjoy a quiet coffee space and find a little peace and comfort in the busy life.

Tasse Coffee
Perfect coffee tool configuration

The education center is located in Room B1 and Room E on the 6th floor of the commercial building "TLP132". It is only 5 minutes away from the subway station. It complies with the classroom safety regulations for private and public organizations to run activities. The total classroom area exceeds 1200 square feet, equipped with a perfect coffee maker The brewing tools are set and equipped with five commercial professional coffee machines. The space is enough to accommodate 20 or more people in class. It is fully equipped and provides a variety of coffee tools and equipment that meet the requirements of different international certificate exams.

Tasse Coffee
Feel free to book a venue

A large group of friends are welcome to book Tasse Coffee for different types of venue activities. We can accommodate more than 20 people at the same time.

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