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Promote coffee knowledge and let more Hong Kong people appreciate coffee.

When Candice was on a working holiday in Australia, he found that the local coffee culture is very strong. In contrast, Hong Kong does not pay much attention to coffee, and has no concept of coffee knowledge, such as coffee bean types, preservation, and preparation.

In order to let more Hong Kong people know about coffee and learn about coffee, Candice and two other founders – Wing & Raymond co-founded Tasse Coffee and set up a coffee education center!


Tasse Coffee values user experience.

Candice, Wing and Raymond originally worked at the same company specializing in user experience, and they brought their knowledge of user experience to Tasse Coffee. When conceiving a coffee course, in addition to the teaching of basic coffee brewing and latte art, coffee-related knowledge, such as the types of coffee beans, the place of production, and how to choose good coffee beans, will also be added.

Wing found that even the current baristas are not clear about the principles behind some coffee brewing, and there is also a lack of relevant teaching in the market, so a part of knowledge explanation will be added in the middle of the course, so that people who are interested in coffee can buy coffee. It can better communicate and communicate with baristas; it can also allow baristas to understand the subtleties of each brewing method and adjust the taste of their own brewed coffee.

After waiting for the students to brew their coffee, they can go to the special "punch-in slot" of Tasse Coffee to make good memories for themselves and the coffee they brewed by themselves.

Opening a coffee shop is more difficult than it seems.

It seems that the entrepreneurial process has been smooth sailing. In fact, the three founders in the middle have experienced many storms. From applying for a company, finding a suitable store, applying for a license, etc., all three of them need to do it by themselves. In addition to starting a business for the first time, there are many things that have never been touched before, such as accounting, tax filing, and the responsibilities of being a limited company, which cost a lot of money. Time to do research and implement, is not as simple as we observe on the surface.

Tasse Coffee, founded under the epidemic, also faced a blow. There are many students who have made an appointment to cancel their appointment due to the severe epidemic situation and need to refund the students. In order to persevere, Candice made a one-to-one change and took a series of epidemic prevention measures to restore the trust of the students.

When more and more people know the Tasse Coffee brand and more groups come to Study Coffee, the original address can no longer meet the needs of students, and the overall user experience is deteriorated due to insufficient activity space. Candice had to consider relocating the address, but because of the lease issue, it needed to accompany the money, and all the licensing matters also needed to be re-applied, which is definitely a heavy pressure for a small and medium-sized enterprise.

Coffee as a tool can help many people in need.


As the saying goes, it's hard to pass the pass, what is the reason for the three founders to persevere? The teaching of the course was mainly in charge of Candice and Wing, and some unforgettable things happened in the middle, which made them believe that their efforts were not in vain.

Candice: "I used to think that most people who learn to brew coffee should be mainly young people, but it turns out that students can be very old." Candice shared the experience of one of the students in class. The student took his mother with him. When I went to court, my mother said that she never drank coffee, but only accompanied her daughter. But after Candice's patient guidance, my mother slowly tried to make coffee by herself, and even became interested in making coffee after class!

Wing: "Using coffee as a tool can help a lot of people!" Wing was once invited by a school to teach a class of students who were considered problematic to make coffee. In the beginning, the students were rebellious and uncooperative with Wing's teaching. But when Wing patiently explained and assisted the students one by one, they gradually became interested in making coffee. When the students succeeded, they showed great joy. In the end, they helped to clean the utensils together and thanked Wing, even the one who used to meet every day. The teachers said that they had never seen such a performance from a student!

To be a comprehensive coffee education center.

Candice, Wing and Raymond hope that with the emergence of Tasse Coffee, coffee can be brought into different fields. In the future, Tasse Coffee will cooperate with more non-profit organizations, schools and companies, so that more Hong Kong people can know about coffee, learn about coffee, and become a coffee shop. Diversified coffee education center, contribute to Hong Kong coffee culture!

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