The first "New·Professional Barista Training Course" has been certified by TQUK UK
The first "New·Professional Barista Training Course" has been certified by TQUK UK
The first "New·Professional Barista Training Course" has been certified by TQUK UK
The first "New·Professional Barista Training Course" has been certified by TQUK UK

The first "New·Professional Barista Training Course" has been certified by TQUK UK

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Course Dates:
With UK TQUK "Intro to Coffee Level 1" examination (+$1800)
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The basic barista course is Tasse's own course. It takes other international courses as a model and has obtained TQUK certification in the UK. It covers five major skills: hand punching, siphoning, Italian coffee, flower pulling and baking. It is closer to the needs of the general Cafe. It is worth studying for different areas of coffee once. It is worth studying whether you immigrate, start a business or simply want to learn coffee.

Offer in progress

  • Course tuition is $2,400 per person and the price includes all classroom materials.
  • At the time of registration, you can enjoy a special price of $1,800 to apply for the TQUK certification examination (after that, you need to take the examination at the original price of $2,000)
  • Discount for two people: $400, I .e. only $4,000 per person
  • Candidates can also purchase a TQUK certificate cover (as shown in the figure) at a special price of $150 so that the certificate can be treasured to avoid creases or stains.
  • When added to the cart, the offer will be applied automatically
  • Not available in conjunction with other offers

Curriculum features

  • Ensure that each participant has access to one set of brewing tools
  • Two double-head commercial coffee machines and multiple single-head professional coffee machines are available for trainees.
  • Class use of a variety of designated coffee beans roasted by Taiwan
  • The experienced team of tutors helps students better understand and apply what they have learned through interaction, which is easy for novices to master.

More information

  • 2 hours per class, a total of 5 classes; Or 6+4 hours, a total of 2 classes , to meet the needs of different students
  • 4 to 6 people takensmall class teaching
  • Taught in Cantonese, contact us if you need to teach in other languages
  • The date of the examination will be announced later . If you are unable to attend, don't worry, you can arrange to take the examination next month.
  • The examination only has practical tests. After passing the examination, you can obtain the Award in Introduction to Coffee Level 1 barista recognition certificate issued by TQUK.

Course Content

  • Coffee basic knowledge and sensory experience
    • How to choose the coffee beans that suit your taste by production area and processing method
    • Basic tasting methods of coffee beans
    • Application and Skill of Flavor Wheel
    • Get to know different coffee producing regions, varieties and flavors
  • Hand-brewed coffee
    • The use of various hand coffee tools
    • Learn different hand-brewed coffee techniques, such as water cut-off, sweet, sour and bitter.
    • The importance of temperature and scale
    • Relationship between extraction and concentration
  • siphon coffee
    • The difference between siphon coffee and other brewing tools
    • The origin and flavor characteristics of siphon pot
    • The application and practice of siphon coffee
  • Italy style coffee
    • Differences and applications of home and commercial coffee machines and grinders
    • Different coffee brewing skills
    • Learn to adjust the taste, taste and aftertaste of espresso coffee.
    • The difference between matching and single bean

  • Coffee Brown flower
    • Teaching students according to the standard of [ coffee flower art certification system]
    • How to use domestic and commercial Italian machine to make milk foam
    • Learn the technique of latte art, starting from the "heart"
    • Then practice each coffee flower pattern

  • Coffee Coffee Bean Baking
    • Basic baking concepts
    • Practice applying baking curves
    • Finished beans can be taken away

Nine months course time

PB2309B (weekClass B on the morning of the 6th)

PB2309B-1 2/9 (VI) 11:00-13:00
PB2309B-2 9/9 (VI) 11:00-13:00
PB2309B-3 16/9 (VI) 11:00-13:00
PB2309B-4 23/9 (VI) 11:00-13:00
PB2309B-5 30/9 (VI) 11:00-13:00

PB2309C (weekClass C in the afternoon of the 6th)

PB2309C-1 16/9 (VI) 14:00-16:00
PB2309C-2 23/9 (VI) 14:00-16:00
PB2309C-3 30/9 (VI) 14:00-16:00
PB2309C-4 7/10 (VI) 14:00-16:00
PB2309C-5 14/10 (VI) 14:00-16:00

PB2309D (Sunday morning class d)

PB2309D-1 24/9 (Day) 11:00-13:00
PB2309D-2 8/10 (Day) 11:00-13:00
PB2309D-3 15/10 (Day) 11:00-13:00
PB2309D-4 22/10 (Day) 11:00-13:00
PB2309D-5 29/10 (Day) 11:00-13:00

Ten Months Course Time

PB2310A (Friday night class a)

PB2310A-1 6/10 (V) 19:00-21:00
PB2310A-2 13/10 (V) 19:00-21:00
PB2310A-3 20/10 (V) 19:00-21:00
PB2310A-4 27/10 (V) 19:00-21:00
PB2310A-5 3/11 (V) 19:00-21:00

PB2310B (weekClass B on the morning of the 6th)

PB2310B-1 7/10 (VI) 11:00-13:00
PB2310B-2 14/10 (VI) 11:00-13:00
PB2310B-3 21/10 (VI) 11:00-13:00
PB2310B-4 28/10 (VI) 11:00-13:00
PB2310B-5 4/11 (VI) 11:00-13:00

PB2310C (weekClass C in the afternoon of the 6th)

PB2310C-1 21/10 (VI) 14:00-16:00
PB2310C-2 28/10 (VI) 14:00-16:00
PB2310C-3 4/11 (VI) 14:00-16:00
PB2310C-4 11/11 (VI) 14:00-16:00
PB2310C-5 18/11 (VI) 14:00-16:00

PB2310D (Class D on Sunday afternoon)

PB2310D-1 8/10 (day) 14:00-16:00
PB2310D-2 15/10 (Day) 14:00-16:00
PB2310D-3 22/10 (Day) 14:00-16:00
PB2310D-4 29/10 (day) 14:00-16:00
PB2310D-5 5/11 (Day) 14:00-16:00

PB2310E (Class E on Tuesday and weekdays)

PB2310E-1 3/10 (II) 12:00-18:00
PB2310E-2 10/10 (II) 14:00-18:00

PB2310F (Class F on Thursdays and weekdays)

PB2310F-1 19/10 (IV) 12:00-18:00
PB2310F-2 26/10 (IV) 14:00-18:00

Groups are welcome to apply. Please contact us at WhatsApp /Signal 70733512 or for enquiries.

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