Practice beans | coffee powder for hand punching and flower drawing exercises

Practice beans | coffee powder for hand punching and flower drawing exercises

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Want to become a Home barista, or day and night to practice hand punching, pull flower skills of the current barista, may often encounter the problem of practice cost. In order to make everyoneOn weekdays or at home, you can easily practice hand punching or drawing gestures. Tasse CoffeeSell the practice beans used in class at an affordable price, and grind them into powder directly. You don't need to worry about wasting precious high quality coffee beans when practicing.

Ensure that there is no foreign matter, but due to the limited date of consumption, it is recommended not to drink or eat.

Why do you want to use coffee powder to practice pulling flowers?]

  • Color and texture: coffee powder has a dark brown color, compared Chocolate powder is closer to the appearance of coffee and helps to simulate a real flower situation. In addition, the texture of coffee powder is also closer to coffee, which can better simulate the fluidity and performance effect of coffee when it is pulled.
  • Focus on skills:The characteristics of chocolate powder have the opportunity to affect the performance of the flower, while practicing with coffee powder can focus more on the skills and movements of the flower.

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