Water Wild Month-Mishino Moon Film Shooting

In addition to promoting coffee education to disadvantaged communities, Tasse Coffee has also been focusing on the dreams and creativity of young people. And this time, we have the honor of "Mishinoyue 」 @ water_wild_month Cooperation, the young team led by A Chao, they have revealed in the interview had been labeled "street boy", "problem youth", but they did not flinch, but with a unique shooting style in the film industry quickly emerging, its creation by Wong Kar-wai inspired, with a unique charm.

We believe that every young person has infinite potential, and we are honored to be able to support such young people with dreams and ideas. On the day of shooting, a team of more than a dozen people were on the scene, and they cooperated and communicated with each other in a harmonious way. Chao and heroine Po even went to Tasse to learn to pull flowers before shooting. We were deeply moved by their professionalism.

Incidentally, it coincides with the opening of the TasseHK 3rd anniversary x TasseJP tokyo store, and all interest experience courses come in second with a 20% discount, third and fourth places, and so on! We have also launched three new courses, including cup testing and hand-washing classes, cup testing and coffee baking classes, and boutique coffee exploration experience.Guaranteed surprise constantly!

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