Donghua Sanin Youth All Growth Center x Tasse Coffee

Tung Wah Group Hospital is located in San Po Kong youth all-round growth center "Tung Po" recently (20th) held an opening ceremony, as Tung Wah's flagship project in youth development, Tung Wah Group Hospital Yu Moyuan Integrated Service Center in advance invited Tasse to teach young people hand-to-hand coffee, and then on the opening day mentor site to assist young people volunteers to brew hand-to-hand coffee to guests, but also sent another mentor service!

Thanks to the partners for giving young people the opportunity to practice what they have learned. I believe that the coffee they brew in person outside the classroom will definitely gain a full sense of success!

On that day, the Secretary for Home Affairs and Youth Affairs, Mak Mei-juan, was also invited to officiate at the ceremony, hoping that Tung Po would not only become a new gathering place for young people in San Po Kong, but also bring more creative leisure activities to Hong Kong!

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