SCA - Canada National Barista Competition 2024 - Judge Sharing

"From Asia to North America, explore the world of coffee! "

Just imagine, when your interest can become a career, and then because of the career, you can jump out of Asia, what is it?

In March, the Roastery heads of Tasse Coffee Lab in Hong Kong and Tasse Coffee Lab in Japan were invited to Montreal, Canada, to become the international judges of the Canadian barista competition. This is a very challenging journey, full of opportunities to closely interact with various coffee companies in the United States and Canada.

As judges, we have important tasks, including sensory scoring and technical scoring. In the sensory score, we carefully taste each cup of coffee, from aroma to taste, and then to the aftertaste, to assess its quality and flavor. Each cup of coffee must be graded according to strict grading guidelines to ensure a fair and accurate judgment. In the technical score, we evaluate the participants' technical proficiency and enthusiasm for coffee. From platform management to coffee extraction consistency, from milk handling skills to the efficiency of workflow, every detail shows the participants' dedication and professionalism to coffee art.

In this Canadian barista contest, Nelson Phu from Calgary@Rossocoffeeroasters) stood out and became the champion. He won this award for his outstanding coffee skills and passion for coffee. Nelson has demonstrated excellence in extracting coffee and pulling techniques, as well as a keen sense of coffee quality and flavor. During the competition, nelson Phu impressed the judges by showcasing his unique coffee style and creativity. His coffee works are not only stunning in taste, but also show his unique understanding of coffee taste through elaborate storytelling. As the winner of the Canadian Barista Competition, Nelson Phu will represent Canada in the World Barista Competition and compete with top baristas from around the world. We look forward to seeing him perform well again on the international stage.

After the competition, we also met Cole and Dave of Rosso again. The last time we met them was at the Boramum world touring Hong Kong Station. They were all surprised that we were judging this time. All the players they trained this time had good results, including, of course, Nelson Phu, who focused on training. In addition to the skillful performance of the participants, we also benefited a lot from the professional judging process and understanding of coffee technology and flavor, among which we are very well-known in the Canadian coffee Philandseb@monogramco

If you want to know more about the development of coffee in the world. Join us to learn about the coffee culture and feel the endless charm of coffee! World Barista Contest, let us bring you a wonderful journey of coffee!

"From Asia to North America: Coffee Exploration!"

Imagine your passion taking you beyond Asia. In March, the proprietors of Tasse Coffee Lab in Hong Kong and Tasse Coffee Roastery in Japan judged the Canadian Barista Championships in Montreal, Canada. It was a journey filled with opportunities to connect with North American coffee professionals.

As judges, our responsibilities included sensory evaluation and technical assessment. We carefully tasted each coffee, assessing its quality and flavor profile from aroma to finish. Also, we evaluated the technical skills and passion of the participants, from their espresso extraction to milk handling techniques.

Nelson Phu from Calgary emerged as the champion.He'll represent Canada in the World Barista Championships. During the event, we had the pleasure of reconnecting with Cole and Dave from Rosso Coffee, whom we last saw at the Boramum World Touring event in Hong Kong. They were pleasantly surprised to see us as judges this time. Beyond witnessing skilled performances by participants, the professional judging process and understanding of coffee techniques and flavors enriched our experience. We also had the opportunity to meet renowned figures

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