January-April 2023-Tasse Coffee

January-April 2023 Revisit-Celebrating Cooperation and Growth🌱

As we're about to bid farewell to another exciting year, we 'd like to take some time to reflect on the milestones and achievements that have shaped our rocketlike journey this year.🌟

As the first year of social enterprises, I would like to thank the Hong Kong Social Enterprises Association for recognizing our efforts, allowing us to participate in the 2022 of the Hong Kong Social Enterprises Staff Recognition Program and distributing Tasse's own coffee ear bags to all guests. At the meeting, we encountered visually impaired students again. He was excited to share his barista work experience and we will continue to shoulder the social responsibility of helping the disadvantaged.
In order to enable children with physical disabilities and multiple disabilities to better master the skills of brewing coffee, the teachers of the Hong Kong Red Cross Yalisan County School set an example by taking the City and Guilds course in Tasse, so as to achieve the goal of sustainable development of coffee in the school in the future.
Subsequently, by providing advice in the field of coffee, we helped the school successfully apply for funding to organize a series of coffee-making training courses for students to enjoy a different learning experience.

We have joined hands with the Hong Kong Association for the Promotion of the Welfare of the Deaf to launch the City and Guilds Night Course, successfully training hard-of-hearing people to work as baristas, and once again completing the major challenge after training the visually impaired!
In the same month, we also invited Japanese SCAJ champion Mr. Takuya Miura to cooperate in promoting overseas coffee bean pre-order activities.
In addition, as a representative of the coffee industry, we have successfully extended Hong Kong-style milk tea culture to enterprises and communities for the first time! Hong Kong's traditional food culture is inseparable from coffee and milk tea, and through various opportunities we hope to help promote the preservation of these important colors.

In the past, we have spared no effort to promote coffee culture, which has won the trust of major enterprises. Following the cooperation with Apple and Cathay Pacific Airways last year, we have the honor to be invited by Microsoft to hold team building activities to relieve the work pressure of employees through coffee.
IVDC graduates from the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) were pleasantly surprised to show up at Tasse to visit their mentors, recall the lessons and explain their employment situation.

After the epidemic, we had the privilege of visiting the Songyue Coffee Estate in Taichung and the local coffee shops with their own characteristics. We not only had the privilege of getting close to many tree species and learning about the development of boutique coffee in Taiwan, but also forged a friendly relationship with the Kuo and his wife, sowing the seeds for coffee exchanges and cooperation in Taiwan in the coming year.
At the same time, we have successfully sought to launch Tasse's fifth international certificate course, the Italian Italian Barista Certificate course, which is the only authorized examination room in Hong Kong and represents the sixth East Asian regional examination institute after South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Wenzhou and Guangzhou.

Whether it's working with the community, international exchanges, or working hand-in-hand with leading companies in various industries, these four months are full of opportunities for collaboration and growth. We will continue to work hard to use coffee as a medium to create value for society and promote a better future.

Please pay close attention to our next review and continue to witness our growth journey!✨

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