【 Tasse Coffee Tasse Coffee Volunteer Service】-Christmas coffee latte art and 2D flower painting activities

【 Tasse Coffee Tasse Coffee Volunteer Service】

Christmas is coming, think about how to celebrate the festive season with family and friends, have you ever thought about caring for other people during the festive season, and spreading the joyful atmosphere?

The Tasse Coffee Tasse Coffee community plan hopes to pass on coffee culture to all levels of society through education, and establish a coffee volunteer team to serve the elderly and NGO organizations to promote coffee culture.
This time, on the eve of Christmas, we cooperated with the "Zhuyuan Martin Pastor Fazheng Integrated Service Center for the Elderly" to bring Christmas coffee latte art and 2D flower painting activities to various elderly activities. A group of old friends are very involved and have fun!A lot of friends Zhong Hao has an artistic cell, learn it for the first time and get started quickly🎄👍
In addition to teaching everyone how to make a cup of coffee latte art at the event, the most important thing is that a group of volunteers can take this opportunity to contact the elderly, talk to them, and share life. The grandchildren and granddaughters taught by the family
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