Tasse Coffee International Barista Certificate Registration Teaching and Examination Center: British CITY & GUILDS International Coffee Blender Course

CITY & GUILDS International Coffee Blender Course :

City & Guilds is an international qualification awarding body with a history of more than 130 years and one of the largest international accreditation and qualification awarding bodies in the UK. City & Guilds' coffee courses have always been one of the most recognised global courses in coffee education, with qualifications recognised as a measure of job skills across industries and employers alike

The knowledge and skills certified by the City & Guilds qualification certificate reflect international general standards, are not restricted by industries and regions, and are valid in any country.

Tasse Coffee Coffee Education Center is a registered teaching and examination center for the City & Guilds International Award in Barista Skills 7102-62 International Coffee Blender Course.

CITY & GUILDS International Coffee Blender Course Content:

1. Introduction to coffee history and culture

2. Coffee knowledge, such as distinguishing coffee beans from different origins, how to choose high-quality coffee, etc.

3. Coffee blending process and various types of coffee brewing methods, including blending, standard espresso brewing, distilled and filter coffee, milk frothed coffee Cappuccino & Latte latte art skills and practice and understanding of iced coffee making method

4. Other specialty foods include: hot chocolate, English black tea, smoothie

5. Food and article handling and storage methods

6. Occupational health and safety

7. Professional image of coffee blender

8. Skills to maintain good communication with customers

9. Practical Exam

🌟Complete the course and get a 0 coupon to apply for the "Professional Barista Training Course" or get the "Latte Art Grading System Certificate"

🌟 There is a two-person discount for enrolling in the course, and each person will get a discount of 0 to 00! 

🌟The class guarantees that each student can use a set of brewing tools per person

🌟The new shop covers an area of more than 800 square feet, with enough space for study

🌟Multiple double-head commercial coffee machines for students to use

🌟Each student who attends the class can receive a certificate within one month

🌟Small class teaching ( 2-4 people open class - 6 people full )

🌟Add hand brewing and coffee latte elements