"Tasse is a platform to contribute to society by getting to know each other, sharing experiences."

We hope to do our best to contribute to the society, so we are now cooperating with the Neighborhood Counseling Association Yidongxuan and Yidong Comprehensive Employment Service Center to give all the existing ear bag packaging processes to the disabled people in the center, hoping to help them integrate into society. , to achieve harmonization.
The Neighborhood Advice Council provides vocational rehabilitation services to persons with disabilities through specially designed training environments, allowing them to receive job training and prepare for the job market.
There are five choices of Tasse Coffee diamond-shaped ear bags, all of which are roasted in Taiwan, and then packaged by the Employment Service Center of the Neighborhood Advice Council to ensure freshness.
A) Brazil Cerrado|Sun-dried|Medium-dark roasted
B) Colombian Vera|Washed|Medium-deep training
C) Fatima Guatemalan|Washed|Medium bake
D) Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Ido G1|Sun drying|Medium bake
E) Kenyan AA Jerini Yali|Washed|Medium bake
* 5 packs one flavor