City and Guilds International Barista Certificate Program - Society for the Advancement of the Deaf

Tasse Coffee is very honored to provide the City and Guilds International Barista Certificate Course to a group of hearing-impaired people from the Deaf Association. After more than two months and eight consecutive courses, the students have successfully completed all the courses and even passed the Not bad results, officially became an internationally recognized professional barista.

In the classroom, we observed that hearing-impaired people are more sensitive to senses and concentration than ordinary people. Such strengths are very advantageous for tasting and making coffee.

In addition, as long as they use sign language interpretation or lip reading, they can communicate with their instructors smoothly, so communication in the course is not a problem at all. They can communicate with teachers and classmates fluently, so that everyone can learn more in terms of teaching and learning. possibility.

Among the eight students in this class, the general grades are good, and some students performed very well, which moved us very much. In addition, even though some students were born with never heard voices, which made them unable to speak, they were very happy. Be proactive in expressing yourself in body language or words, showing indomitable spirit.

Thanks to the hard work of all the students who have successfully passed the City and Guilds International Coffee Blender Certificate Course. We firmly believe that your coffee journey will continue, and Tasse Coffee will continue to support you.

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