For the first time bravely ventured into the financial world...teaching class😆👏🏻👏🏻

Tasse Coffee officially announced that we have broken out of the social welfare and education fields, and bravely entered the financial field for the first time  …Teaching classes 😆👏🏻👏🏻

In the past three months, we have been honored to be invited by CCB International, a financial giant, to teach Lahua courses.

Thank you to the thoughtful secretaries. Seeing that my colleagues are working hard every day in their banking duties, they contacted us to organize this event, so that everyone can take a break and enjoy the fun of easy learning.

CCB has an invincible beautiful view, and the large floor-to-ceiling glass window has a beautiful sea view. With a class of beautiful girls and students, the class is icing on the cake 🌸✨

Let me tell you quietly, this is also the first time for the instructors to teach a class under the sea view, so many instructors can't help it. 🐒

P.S. You are right, there are all new tutors participating, everyone has something to say, and implement man-to-man teaching classes😏😏