Rose Hill School|English Flower Classes and LAGS Group Exams

Last summer, we were invited by the Baptist Oikai Social Services Office to Rose Hill School in Wan Chai to teach 10 South Asian students about coffee beans and milk, experience the work of baristas, and build up interests in different fields and explore future career plans in eight coffee brewing certificate courses.

From having no concept of pulling flowers, the students pulled out cups of love coffee on the last activity day and delivered them to the teachers, thanking them for their selfless cultivation and cultivation.Seeing them proudly serving their own brewed and pulled coffee, the instructor was also very moved 🥹

I have to say that the fate is really amazing, under the traction of coffee, we met again after more than half a year!

The outstanding performance of the students on the activity day encouraged the school, affirmed the efforts of the tutors, and strengthened the confidence of nurturing students' career development, so I recently asked the social worker to bring several old students and new students to our center to take classes, and together with the social worker himself, he took the white level examination 🫣 of the Latte Art Grading System in Italy

Although the skills were slightly rusty after a while, the students quickly restarted, and under the tutors' full English navigation and training, even the new students who were exposed to Lahua for the first time passed the assessment 😎 and greatly boosted their morale!

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