Welcome Olympic Hong Kong fencer Wu Nuohong!

Thank you Olympic fencer Wu Nuohong@lawrenceng_1999 Participate in our hand-brewed coffee and pulling experience, very easy-going, cheerful young people, hard to learn unfamiliar coffee knowledge and skills, in a short time quickly remember the hand-punching method, personally brewed coffee for everyone to taste and tried to pull the heart shape 🤍 for the first time in life I hope you enjoy this experience, and look forward to 😆 your future challenge again in the pit 🤓

The public's description of Lawrence is inseparable from the Hong Kong team fencing athlete and child star, but in that day's class, we saw a young man who loves photography, how to discuss with his mentor Candice and his partners on the use of the lens and the fun of the content; For new things, and how to learn and absorb 🧽 as much as you can, thank you for having a great afternoon with us.

🤺 When you are free, cut the slices with a cup of hand-brewed coffee to improve your combat effectiveness!Looking forward to the finished product coming out on YouTube!


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