"Evening classes start" for a limited time in February!

Let me introduce to you a new student of our City and Guilds International Coffee Blender Course - the hearing impaired from Hong Kong Association for the Promotion of Deaf Welfare.

In fact, the ability of hearing-impaired people is no less than that of ordinary people. In class, they are very attentive in listening and practicing, and even respond enthusiastically.

Language can be transformed into thousands of ways. Basically, they can communicate with people through lip reading, simple sign language, body language and words, so whether they are teaching or becoming baristas in the future, they can communicate well with everyone.

Who said that only able-bodied people can learn coffee?Coffee is a good starting point for interest exploration. As long as you are interested in coffee, after professional training, anyone can seize the opportunity to connect with society.

For the next courses, please continue to give more advice to the students!

The Deaf Welfare Association was established as early as 1968. It provides publicity, education, recreation, counseling, hearing and medical services for the hearing-impaired. It is determined to promote the welfare of the hearing-impaired and help them create more opportunities in society.

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