WBC Champion Boram Um

#杯子新聞 】”Team work makes the dream work.” This is the declaration of the 2023 WBC champions from Brazil before the match.

The World Barista Championship (WBC) champion is introduced every year in The Barista Magazine, and this year's winner, Boram Um, is hailed as an extraordinary barista. The Brazilian barista is an immigrant who worked at the family's coffee estate, Fazenda Um. He and his brother Garam are both award-winning baristas and the owner of Um Coffee Company and Um Coffee Academy in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Boram has represented Brazil in the WBC three times, each time ranking higher than the previous. He was also a Brazilian coffee champion. At this year's WBC in Athens, while Boram competed, older brother Garam represented Brazil in the World Brewing Competition. During the interview, Boram shared many stories and mental experiences of individuals and competition teams. Details can be found in Barista Magazine.

The top six WBC 2023 are:
1. Boram Um, Brazil
2. Daniele Ricci, Italy.
3. Jack Simpson, Australia
4. Isaiah Sheese, United States
5. Dawn Chan, Hong Kong
6. Patrick Rolf, Denmark

* Graphic adapted from Barista Magazine and WBC

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