Italian Coffee History and Culture

Why is Italy always reminiscent of coffee?

☕17th century-Early introduction of coffee

Coffee was first introduced to Italy in the 17th century, first through commercial channels in Venice.

At that time, coffee was usually made by traditional methods, such as boiling coffee powder or ground coffee beans, rather than using modern coffee machines. During this period, coffee became a popular drink, gradually spread to other cities in Italy, and played an important role in the formation of Italian coffee culture.

☕The opening of the first coffee shop

With the rise of coffee, Venice opened its first coffee shop, the Caffè Florian, in the early 17th century. This historic cafe was founded in 1720 and has been in existence for more than three hundred years. Florian Cafe is famous for its gorgeous interior decoration and a gathering place for cultural celebrities. It has been visited by many artists and cultural celebrities, including Oscar Monet, Andy Warhol, Chariot, Hemingway, etc.

Many Italian cafes have a long history and cultural value. They often host literary, musical and artistic events, attracting artists, writers and intellectuals, and strengthening the connection between coffee and Italy.

☕The emergence of espresso machines

In the early 20th century, Italian engineer Luigi Bezzera invented the first commercial coffee machine. This invention changed the way coffee was made, it used pressure to make espresso, creating a stronger, stronger coffee that became the basis of espresso in Italy.

Modern Italian coffee machine brands such as La Marzocco, faema and Rancilio have provided coffee lovers around the world with high quality coffee machines, further strengthening the link between coffee and Italy.

☕The Italian way of life

When the espresso coffee machine became popular, it not only became a must-have equipment in Italian cafes, but also penetrated into the daily life of Italians. With the popularity of espresso machines, every Italian family may have one. In the morning, when people wake up, the first thing is usually to make a cup of espresso, which becomes an important ritual for them to start the day.

In cafes, people often stand at the bar, order a cup of espresso, savor it quickly, and move on. This is known as the "coffee station" (cafèal banco). Whether in a cafe or at home, people often get together to enjoy rich coffee, exchange topics and share time.

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