Canada's Double

Do you know what a Canadian Double is?

🇨🇦Canadian coffee culture
Canada is a country with a thriving coffee culture, and many people like to taste coffee in their daily lives. Coffee shops are very common in various Canadian cities and communities, offering a variety of coffee drinks and coffee bean choices.

Local coffee shops and online coffee bean suppliers offer beans in a variety of flavors and sources, including single-produce beans, blended beans and specially processed beans.

🇨🇦Famous Producing Areas in Canada
Although Canada itself is not a major coffee bean producer, there are some areas in the country that produce high-quality coffee beans. British Columbia and Ontario are the major coffee bean growing regions in Canada.

British Columbia is one of the best coffee-growing regions in Canada, and the climate and geography of the province provide the conditions needed to grow high-quality Arabica coffee. Some coffee farms grow coffee beans in British Columbia, and these beans are popular in the Canadian market.

🇨🇦Local specialty coffee
There are some unique drinks in the Canadian coffee culture, such as the "Double Double" they often like to enjoy, that is, coffee with two parts of milk and two parts of sugar. This is a classic drink Hortons by Tim, Canada's largest chain of coffee shops, and now even offers Triple Triple.

In addition, maple latte (Maple Latte) is a Canadian specialty maple sugar as the characteristics of coffee drinks, with a unique flavor, its simple blending method is also welcomed by the local home barista.

🇨🇦Other well-known brands
Second Cup is another well-known Canadian coffee chain. They offer high quality coffee beans from around the world and are committed to sustainable and fair trade coffee.

Coffee brand Bridgehead is based in Ottawa, Ontario and is known for its own roasted organic, fair trade coffee beans. They have direct trade relations with coffee farms and focus on sustainability and social responsibility.

Balzac's Coffee Roasters is a Canadian independent coffee roasting company. In addition, some niche brands have gradually emerged and become the collection of senior coffee lovers, such as Hatch.

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