"Japanese Coffee Tour 1 - OGAWA COFFEE LABORATORY"

OGAWA COFFEE LABORATORY is from Kyoto and will officially enter Tokyo in 2020. The new store will open in Shimokitazawa in July 2021. The first time I opened the shop menu, I was shocked, because you can choose the brewing method you want after you can choose more than 21 kinds of coffee beans. They use the unique coffee guide icon "FLAVOR COMPASS" to present the characteristics, taste, aroma, etc. of coffee beans to you.

Even people who don't know much about coffee can understand at a glance, and easily choose the taste and texture of coffee they want to taste. The shop has a consistent and simple aesthetic from the coffee beans and the interior design. After each brewing, the barista will restore the counter setting and wait for the next customer. Every detail design is very particular.

If the customer has any questions about the choice of coffee, the barista will introduce them one by one. It is very detailed, which is believed to be one of the characteristics of this shop. And you can watch the barista brew your own coffee up close, this experience is quite good.

In terms of coffee, the editor chose Costa Rica Santa Lucia, which adopts the processing method of Pulped Natural, and the Roasting Level is medium. You can choose Espresso, hand brewing or AeroPress, and finally choose the brewing method of AeroPress. The effect is good. The first time Aroma comes out, it feels very prominent, the overall sweetness is very high, and the body is also very Balanced, so keep the honey processing method. feature,.

My friend chose Cappuccino and House Blend, which is a blend of Brazil, Guatemala and Ethiopian coffee beans. The Roasting level is Medium, and the whole thing is Balanced. The entrance is comfortable.

Since there are only 4-5 groups of seats in the store, if you must dine in, I believe you need to wait a little longer.

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