Italian IBC & European SCA

What is Italian IBC and how is it different from European SCA?

📖Italian Barista Certificate
IBC is a global coffee training course focused on improving the real needs of baristas and roasters. It covers the traditional recipes of Italian espresso and foam coffee, as well as coffee blending and other specialty coffee in Italy.

📖 IBC vs SCA
The IBC emphasizes practical training, while the SCA curriculum is more focused on theory and coffee science experiments. Tasse Coffee is honored to be the only IBC officially recognized college and examination room in Hong Kong.

📖The Four Great Areas
IBC covers four main areas: flower, barista, brewing the world and baking and tasting. Each field is divided into basic and advanced levels, and each level can be awarded a certificate.

📖Italian Barista Passport
The subjects passed by the participants will be recorded in the personal passport. Pass the exam to get the title of "junior coffee expert" and "coffee expert. All student certifications will be officially recorded and listed on the IBC official website, allowing baristas around the world to recognize your abilities.

📖 Barista Time Trial
In addition to being part of the exam, the barista time competition is also a world competition. Baristas need to prepare classic Italian coffee in the shortest time to break the record.

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📖Italian Barista Certificate
The IBC, formerly known as the Italian Barista Method, is a global coffee training program that focuses on the practical needs of baristas and roasters. It covers traditional Italian recipes for espresso and cappuccino, as well as coffee mixology and lesser-known Italian coffee specialties.

📖 IBC vs SCA
IBC emphasizes hands-on training, while the SCA program focuses more on theory and coffee science experiments. Tasse Coffee is honored to be the only officially recognized IBC academy and examination center in Hong Kong.

📖 Four Main Areas
Four main areas covered in IBC: Latte Art, Barista, Brew the World, and Roast and Cup. Each area has two levels: Basic and Advanced. Upon successfully completing each level, a certificate is awarded.

📖 Italian Barista Passport
Students‘ academic records are recorded in a personal passport. Passing exams grants titles such as ”Junior Coffee Specialist“ and ”Coffee Specialist.“ All student certifications are officially recorded and detailed on the IBC official website, ensuring global recognition of their capabilities.

📖 Barista Time Trial
Barista Time Trial is not only part of the exam, but also a competition where baristas prepare classic Italian coffees in the shortest time possible, aiming to break records.
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