SCA Green Coffee (Foundation / Intermediate / Professional)

SCA Green Coffee (Foundation / Intermediate / Professional)

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We are the ONLY SCA Premier Training Campus in Hong Kong, which means that both our teaching environment and equipment meet strict standards and are recognized as professional. The SCA Coffee Skills Program (including five specialist modules - Barista Skills, Brewing, Green Coffee, Roasting and Sensory Skills) is a modular, skills-based training program designed to prepare learners to gain more success in their career while contributing to the progress and evolution of the specialty coffee industry. 

Green coffee courses cover concepts and skills relevant to the evaluation, trade, and handling of green coffee. Content of these courses include applicable aspects of botany, coffee farming, processing, grading, storage, transport, markets, certifications, contracts, and more.

🌈 Course Features

  • We provide private classes or online classes
    • One-on-one teaching for online courses. Learning materials will be sent and a delivery fee billed on freight collect basis will be charged by SF Express.
  • You must progress through the levels sequentially unless you can provide proof of completion for the Foundation and/or Intermediate courses.
  • The courses are taught in Cantonese. Please contact us if you need instruction in another language.

🌈 Bundle Discount

  • Discount for two: $100 off per head. Discount will be applied when you add it to the cart.
  • Foundation+Intermediate Private Class Offer: $500 off, i.e. $xx,x00 per head
  • Foundation + Intermediate + Professional Private Class Offer: $1,000 off, i.e. $xx,x00 per head
  • The price includes all learning materials, SCA administrative fees, examination and certificate fees. Students are required to separately pay the SCA course registration fee of USD50 per course.

🌈 Teacher–student ratio

  • Group class 1:4 (Foundation only)
    • 7 hours / Minimum 2 students
  • Online class 1:1 (Foundation only)
    • 7 hours
  • Private class 1:1 or 1:2
    • Foundation 7 hours
    • Intermediate 14 hours
    • Professional 21 hours

🌈 About the Courses

  • Foundation
    The Green Coffee Foundation course introduces basic concepts regarding the production, trade, and evaluation of green coffee. Participants will learn about the specialty coffee supply chain from farm to roaster, including cultivation, harvesting, processing, drying, shipping, storage, and delivery. Within this supply chain, learners take a closer look at the principles of coffee growing, processing, grading, trade, and portfolio management. Practical learning objectives and activities prepare the learner to conduct basic assessments of green coffee. A written exam tests theoretical knowledge based on Foundation course learning objectives.

  • Intermediate
    The Green Coffee Intermediate course builds on the knowledge gained in the Green Coffee Foundation course and prepares the learner for more complex job functions found in the green coffee profession. Learners will take a deeper and balanced look at botany, agronomy, seasonality, processing, resting, shipment, storage, decaffeination, markets, certifications, transactions, and quality differentiation. Learners are also introduced to grading, defects, and positive attributes as they relate to green coffee contracts. A written exam tests intermediate course knowledge while a practical exam assesses the learner’s ability to grade coffee by size; identify physical defects; visually differentiate samples based on process, species, and variety; detect sensory defects; and conduct basic procedures of sample analysis.

  • Professional
    The Green Coffee Professional course builds on the concepts and skills introduced in the Green Coffee Intermediate course and prepares the learner for managerial job functions found in the green coffee profession. This interactive course covers key aspects of coffee botany, impact of climate change, farm management, processing methodologies, common sensory defects, sample analysis, futures markets as they relate to green trade, portfolio management, factors in the costs of green coffee production, contract considerations, targeted purchasing plans, supplier assessments, and third-party accreditations. A written exam tests professional course knowledge while a practical exam assesses the learner’s ability to identify certain sensorial defects, conduct sampling processes for consistency, create standards for a client, analyze samples, and make purchasing decisions.

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