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This time to launch the CQI Q Arabica Grader Certificate course, tasse specially invited Paul Kim, a famous Korean tutor, to cooperate with him to take charge of the whole CQI course and examination. Paul is a coffee industry tycoon, CQI Q Arabica / Robusta Grader double certification tutor and examiner. In 2022-23, he won the honor of only two outstanding tutors (distinguished instructor) who have both Q Arabica / Robusta Grader qualifications in the world for two consecutive years, it is definitely a predecessor highly respected by international peers.

Paul is SCA AST/inspector, one of the 20 Arabica / Robusta instructors in the world. He has more than 16 years of coffee teaching experience and is full of students from all over the world, including Ethiopia, the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, China, Japan and South Korea. Even Yasuo Ishai, founder of the famous Japanese coffee brand Leaves Coffee Roasters, is also his favorite student.

In 2007, Paul founded Paul Kim Coffee Lab in Seoul, focusing on cup testing, baking and training consultants, and has served as a judge for various world-class barista competitions. He has written two heavenly books, "Cupping Bible" and "Roasting Bible", which tell the relevant professional knowledge. For this reason, he has also done a lot of homework on his own to ensure that what he wrote is true and correct. Paul said bluntly that in order to teach CQI courses, he spent less time with his family. However, he was able to taste coffee from different producing areas because he traveled around the world, which benefited him a lot. This is also one of the most happy things in his teaching.

It is worth mentioning that paul is active in CQI's coffee force volunteer program, and has provided Q certification training to Philippine coffee production communities many times in the past 7 years. He has also set up his own estate St. Paul's Coffee Farm in the local area, hoping to improve the life of coffee farmers by cultivating high-quality Robusta.

Paul Kim Qualifications:
CQI Arabica / Robusta Mentor
CQI Distinguished Instructor 2022-2023
SCA AST/Inspector
Paul Kim Coffee Lab Director since 2007
2011-2013 Korean Barista Championship judges
2013 Lotte Angels in America World Awards Advisor
International Judges on the Taste of the 2014 Ethiopian Harvest
2014 Korean Barista Championship judges
2014 Korea Barista Championship Consultant
2015-2017 Cup Test Master Competition Consultant
Chief Judge of the 2016 World Aeropress Championships
2017-2023 Lotte Angels Consultant in the United States
International Judges of China Yunnan Coffee Exchange 2016-2020
First winning coach of 2018 Cup Test Masters
2020-2023 Philippine Coffee Quality Competition Chief Judge


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