September to December 2023

September-December 2023-Professional Recognition and Achievement🌟🎉

The last few months of the year witnessed our growth and milestone moments together.

The busy September started with a series of team building activities with China Construction Bank (Asia). We were invited to plan two hand-made coffee, coffee-drawn workshop and a coffee-attended event respectively. We provided coffee and non-coffee drink menu, taking full care of the preferences of all colleagues and breaking the number of meetings with employees of the same enterprise in Tasse history!

In addition, we have launched the wedding reception service for the first time. The specially built white coffee cart is matched with carefully selected high-quality coffee beans. In addition to being appreciated by the new couple, all the guests formed a long queue waiting for a cup of coffee with creative flowers.☕️

The third anniversary is definitely an extremely important milestone. In the past three years, we have developed from a small office to a social enterprise with three classrooms. We meet the old students again and congratulate them on graduation. It seems that we feel the expectations and blessings of our teachers at the graduation ceremony when we were young.

October is also a big day for the Roastery opening of our Japanese branch Tasse Coffee🎊🇯🇵Wing, another founder of Tasse, is currently in Japan to manage this new store that combines cafe and bean-frying. In the future, we will further develop overseas cooperation. In addition to enriching our coffee bean choices in teaching, we will also launch more programs like overseas baristas!

In line with the world, I had the honor to meet 2023WBC champion Brazilian Korean barista Boram Um with his dream team and coaches Marcia Yoko (Japan), Cole Torode and David Crosby (Rosso Coffee Roasters, Canada) and conduct cup tests to understand the key road to becoming a champion barista. This interview has greatly benefited me in the coffee road in the future.

As a coffee education college, we have always adhered to the teaching profession, in addition to teacher training, but also constantly improve the specifications of the equipment. Finally, after a series of rigorous reviews, we were awarded the accreditation and upgraded to the only SCA Premier Training Campus in Hong Kong, which represents a professional standard for both teaching environment and equipment standards! This certification for us is undoubtedly a great affirmation, but also of great significance. It defines our professional position in the field of local coffee education, not only demonstrating our excellence in teaching quality, but also providing a credible high-level learning environment for students to learn and practice coffee skills under the most complete facilities.

With the promotion to SCA Premier Training Campus, we also welcome the good news of the sixth international certificate-CQI Q-Grader course. We have successfully invited Paul Kim, a well-known mentor in the coffee industry, to join us in running this hall-level course that even the world champion of coffee boasts.
Italy's Latte Art Grading System also gave us the best Christmas gift at the end of the year-we won 2023 Best LAGS Certification Point second in the world and first in Asia.🏆This means that the annual number and qualification record of Tasse Coffee Lab is not only the champion of Hong Kong, but also breaks the record of Italy, where LAGS is hosted, this year!

These certifications are an affirmation of our team efforts and a commitment to our students. We will continue to be committed to providing high-quality teaching and learning experiences. In addition to maintaining self-improvement, we will continue to promote the development of coffee education.

Over the past year, through cooperation with different institutions and enterprises, we have shouldered social responsibility and enriched the connotation of coffee culture. At the same time, we are also growing and improving, and thank all the students and partners who support us. In 2024, we are full of confidence in the unknown challenges, continue to cultivate in the community and promote the development of coffee culture. We look forward to working with you to create a more prosperous coffee education field in the future!

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