Cupping & Sharing Masterclass by Boram Um & Team

PMQ Coffee Agenda is an annual event in the coffee industry. Every year, many world-class coffee competition champions, award-winning baristas and local baristas are invited to gather for tasting and exchange activities. This year, overseas coffee shops from Holland, Canada, Thailand and other countries are also invited. The event was held from October 20 to 23. As we were still dealing with the opening of the new store in Tokyo at that time, fortunately we were able to come back to participate in the final additional Cupping-Sharing masterclass!

Do you remember the 2023WBC champion and Brazilian Korean barista Boram Um that we reported earlier? He said before the WBC won the championship: "Team work make the dream work." This time, he shared his coffee experience with his dream team and coaches Marcia Yoko (Japan), Cole Torode and David Crosby (Rosso Coffee Roasters, Canada) with seminar participants. In addition, he also wanted to thank the conference for specially arranging 12 kinds of fine beans from different countries for cup testing, including Geisha coffee beans worth $880/100g.

It is worth mentioning that at the activity, I visited the coaching team that trained Boram and his brother Garam at the same time. Regarding the important factors of dream team composition, they believed that training baristas is just like educating children. They should not place their personal expectations on every competitor. They should teach students according to their aptitude. The most important thing is to develop freely according to their personal character and ability and cooperate with corresponding training. They also praised Boram for being a diligent and self-disciplined competitor in addition to being handsome and fluent in English. Baristas with these conditions are rare in Brazil and are one of the keys to becoming a champion barista.

Boram's daily life coexists with coffee. He has a regular schedule of work and rest and training. Like elite athlete training, he never rests 365 days a year. Boram even practices the same movement at least 300-400 times. Just to prepare for the WBC competition for about 15 minutes, it is conceivable how much effort he has spent to make himself and his team progress.

The 3rd World Coffee Championships Taipei in 2023 will be held in Taipei from November 17 to 20. At that time, about 90 competitors from all over the world, including Hong Kong, will gather for the first time to compete for the world championship in three competitions, including the World Cup Coffee Flower Art Competition (WLAC), the World Cup Coffee Wine Competition (WCIGS) and the World Cup Coffee Baked Bean Competition (WCRC), at that time, I will also have the honor to be one of the staff. I hope to meet Dream Team again and exchange more coffee experiences. I also welcome all coffee lovers to come and participate. If you want to know more, you can check on the 2023 WCC Taipei website.

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