[Youth Association Wings Plan] Barista Career Exploration, DSE Candidates Soaring into New Fields

In recent years, coffee culture has set off a boom among young people, and more and more people choose to join the barista industry after graduation.In view of this, the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Group's Wings and Youth Vision Program specially invited Tasse Coffee to cooperate and held a two-day workplace special training course in early July, allowing 15 program trainees to understand the work of baristas, and even tasted hand-brewed coffee and latte art for the first time. !


In addition to teaching the coffee culture to the students, Candice, the tutor of Tasse Coffee, also introduced the entry requirements and job nature of baristas. For students who have just passed the DSE Diploma, it will undoubtedly help them explore the prospects of the industry and even discover new ones. career direction.When the students tried out the knife and picked up the hand-made pot to brew the first cup of coffee, they were all excited to exchange the finished product and feel the aroma of fresh coffee.During the latte art training, Candice and the teaching assistant carefully taught and adjusted each student's skills and gestures when operating the machine and latte art, so that at the end of the special training class, everyone could pull out heart-shaped works that symbolize the achievements of their efforts.Drinking the Latte made by myself, it seems that the Latte that has failed countless times just now is just to better welcome the enjoyment of the fusion of sight, smell and taste at this moment.Some of the students showed no hobby of drinking coffee from the beginning, but they also enjoyed it at the end.

Nick, who can't take too much caffeine in his body, thinks that everything is just for the pursuit of a sense of success, and this experience is enough for him to temporarily put aside everything and enjoy the process of latte art from failure to success. He also said that this special training course will help him master the content of future courses.As for Tian Ai, who loves Americano and Cappuccino, she thinks the hand brewing experience is the most interesting. She is addicted to "ordering tea in the Song Dynasty", and she feels that the hand brewing process is equally healing and full of emotion, and she can fully feel the original taste of coffee.

Tasse Coffee has witnessed many people turning into baristas, so it hopes to help the younger generation to pursue their coffee dreams.Just believe in coffee and it will be a boost that propels you to the sky of growth.