City and Guilds: one in five families in the UK has a CG certificate

City & Guilds is a British institution founded in 1878 and headquartered in London. It is an international educational organization dedicated to vocational training and qualification. The goal of the institution is to provide high quality education and training to help individuals develop vocational skills and realize their potential. City and Guilds works with industries to develop practical courses that meet industry needs. It is said that one in every five families in the UK has a CG certificate.

City and Guilds' international accreditations are widely recognized for assessing and certifying a wide range of vocational skills and are regarded as professional standards in the industry, with significant value for both job seekers and employers. In the coffee industry, city and Guilds offers an international coffee breaker course to train baristas. Combining traditional British coffee culture and modern trends, the course teaches skills such as brewing skills, beverage making and customer service to help students build a career in the coffee industry.

The CG barista certificate is suitable for barista positions, especially for immigrants to the UK. The course is practical, learning coffee and non-coffee beverage making, equipment use and customer service skills.

Tasse Coffee is the coffee college with the highest pass rate in CG in Hong Kong, with a pass rate of 95%. There are only 4 or 5 students in each class, providing sufficient practice time and ensuring students have the opportunity to practice. The examination has a choice of Chinese and English papers to meet different needs. Private teaching is also available in English to meet the needs of individual students.

City & Guilds, established in 1878 and based in London, is a renowned British organization focused on vocational training and qualifications. It collaborates with industries to develop practical courses that meet industry needs. City and Guilds’ international certifications are highly recognized as industry standards. In the coffee industry, they offer the International Barista Skills course to train individuals as baristas.

Tasse Coffee is the top-performing coffee academy in Hong Kong for City and Guilds qualifications, boasting a pass rate of up to 95%. Each class has only 4 or 5 students, ensuring ample practice time and opportunities for students. The exams offer a choice of Chinese or English papers to cater to different needs. Private tutoring options are also available with full English instruction to accommodate individual student preferences and learning styles.

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