"Japanese Coffee Tour 2 - Allpress Espresso Roastery"

Allpress Espresso Roastery is from New Zealand and is located in Shirakawa, Tokyo, Japan. There are many famous coffee shops, such as the first Blue Bottle head office in Japan.

The Allpress Espresso store was converted from a warehouse and built with a relatively dark wood color, which is very delicate.When you walk through the street, you will be attracted by its design, and when you walk in, you want to try their coffee.

Although the store is very large, there is no reserved space for customers. There is only one stool that can seat two people outside the bar, because there is a large Roaster estimated to exceed 60kg in the store. A place where staff use to bake.

There are a few benches outside the store, where guests can sit and eat outside. If the weather happens to be blue sky and white clouds, it will feel comfortable, which is very good.

Xiaobian and friends arrived at about 11 o'clock in the morning on weekdays, without queuing, and ordered a Banana Cake, a cup of Cold Brew and a cup of Hand Drip. The editor prefers lightly roasted coffee beans, and I saw Guatemala in Guatemala. Highly roasted, washed with water, the beans are Bourbon, Caturra, the taste of Pineapple is heavy, and the body is slightly thinner, which is slightly different from the thicker coffee that is often drunk in Japan.

Cold Brew is relatively ordinary, nothing special.

The most surprising thing is Banana Cake, which has no deadly sweet feeling and is quite fluffy. It is very suitable for breakfast in the morning.