English Lecture Class -  Latte Art Class ( for 2 - 4 persons)

English Lecture Class - Latte Art Class ( for 2 - 4 persons)



NEW LATTE ART Class available in English.

Course Content:
1. Discovering the utensils, showing the way to choose a suitable milk jug, coffee bean and milk for Latte Art.

2. Main theories of Latte Art - Demonstrate and experience sharing on practical skills, straight up to the core without any sidetracks.

3. Essential techniques of Latte Art - Hand-Eye coordination exercise, training standard dropping point and frothing/steaming milk training by using coffee machine.

4. Spotlight imaging of Latte Art – Providing an extraordinary scene to enhance your Latte Art for your check in and share to friends or social media.

5. Class completion Giveaway – We will be given out our own branding Aromatic drip coffee bag to have you repeat the pleasant moment elsewhere with our Coffee.

Date and Time : 

  • We have a flexible time schedule with  1.5 hours

Number of People Required: 

  • At Least 2- 4 people 

Please  feel free to contact our specialist to enquire more information about the class by using WhatsApp 7073 3512 / Signal 7072 2865. 


上課時間: 可以按你們要求與我們聯絡,極具彈性, 1.5小時


1. 認識拉花工具:奶壺,咖啡及牛奶的選擇 

2. 認識拉花理論:以經驗分享成功拉花心得,不癈話

3. 練習拉花基本功:用奶訓練手眼協調及落點位置,用咖啡機學習打奶訓練

4. 拉花光影術:為你製造打卡場境, 為你杯咖啡加分

5. 回饋禮物:一包香味十足的咖啡掛耳包,令你回到家都能回味咖啡香氣及時光‍

上堂人數 : 2 - 4 人可以自由組班 (不會加插其他學員)


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