Nuova Simonelli Caffes1s 商用咖啡機

Nuova Simonelli Caffes1s 商用咖啡機


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The Nuova Simonelli CAFFES1S is a volumetric dosing machine that, when set to a particular mixture, always guarantees the same quantity of coffee. The Volumetric model has a renewable touch control panel. Useful new features, such as a practical "automatic cleaning" system have also been added. 


Steel body and abs
Boiler capacity 11 (2 groups)
Reverse Mirror
Safety valve
Backwash prevention valve
Electronic automatic level
Displacement pump
Volumetric dosing
Boiler pressure gauge
Pump pressure gauge
Temperature compensated group
SIS Infusion
Double stainless steel steam pipes
Electronic dosage
Automatic washing


Units / Versions 2 GR
Dimensions (mm) WxDxH 780x545x530
Weight Net-Gross (Kg-Lb) 60 (133) - 65 (143)
Boiler (lt) 11
Voltage (Volt) 230V
Power (Watt) 3000
Dosage System Volumetric

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