Tasse Coffee - Who resonates with interview "Songs tease that resonate with you"

Many thanks to Commercial Radio 881903 for inviting Tasse Coffee to the "Who Resonates" program to share our story. "Song teaser resonates with you":

Tasse Coffee Interview 881903 有誰共鳴

The first song - founding Tasse Coffee:

Hello everyone, my name is Candice. In 2020, I founded Tasse Coffee, a local coffee education center. The main service targets include Hong Kong people who are interested in coffee, and there are various non-profit organizations and even colleges and universities. And middle school, we hope that by sharing coffee knowledge, the public can know how to taste a cup of coffee and find the coffee that belongs to their own taste, and also hope that by teaching coffee brewing skills, it can help others to find their own goals, directions, or other possibilities in life.

Of course, deciding to start a business is not an easy task, and it takes a lot of courage to build Tasse Coffee.

Recalling that my first contact with coffee was in Australia ten years ago. I came to know coffee from work, and then became a hobby because of my work, and then turned from hobby to professional. I went through endless studies, research and examinations in the middle, but because I finally needed to return to Hong Kong, Just put this coffee dream down first.

After returning to Hong Kong, I have tried different types of jobs, and I have a very stable job, but I have never been busy remembering my coffee dreams.

Until 2020, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, in the face of changes in different people and environments, it was finally decided that it was time to step out of the comfort zone
, seized the opportunity to create his own local brand Tasse Coffee, hoping to make himself feel no regrets in his life.

That's why I want to pick Mayday's "stubborn" song. Being a person sometimes requires persistence. "Hold your hands tightly and never let go. The next stop is heaven, even if you are disappointed, you can't despair."

Second Song - Inspiration to Enter Campus:

In the early days of Tasse Coffee’s establishment, I was fortunate to have the trust and recommendation of a social worker. For the first time, I brought coffee knowledge and cultural skills to the campus as a mentor of the Coffee Education Center. For students in the class who have emotional and learning problems, the social worker hopes that I can help them build self-confidence and plan their life by teaching coffee knowledge and skills. The topic this time is long and challenging. At first, the students were as resistant and uncooperative to our teaching as before, but we tried to use "coffee" as a medium of communication, by giving them different technical challenges, to make them feel Their curiosity about coffee led them to study independently. They found self-confidence in "coffee", and everything changed. Even the teachers who used to meet every day said that they had never seen such positive performance from students!

In this experience, we feel the back of the young people on campus, everyone has infinite possibilities, we just have confidence in them, compare opportunities and guide them, everyone can give full play to themselves, send a song to everyone Song Jason Mraz "Have It All"
[I want you to have it all, no matter what path you choose, if you believe, everything is possible]

Song 3 - Vocational Training Council Teaches Coffee Course

In 2021, I was invited by my seniors to enter the Vocational Training Council to teach the ERB coffee course. The main service target of this course is a group of retirees, or unemployed and underemployed adults. I still remember one of the middle-aged students, who was often unhappy and full of worries. Because of the epidemic, he suddenly lost the company he had worked for for more than ten years, but after 160 hours of coffee training, he learned about the coffee industry. After the development of Hong Kong and knowledge and technology, he can regain his life direction, regain his interests, return to the workplace more smoothly, and find his second life.

To send you Fang Haomin's "If the world turns out not to be what you expected", when everything is not at all what you expected, then you realize that you can't walk thousands of kilometers along the road, do the best, all difficulties will definitely be solved, as long as Everyone is trying to find a solution.

Fourth Song - Cooperation with Charity Team X

The packaging work of our coffee products is mainly entrusted to the disabled and disabled persons of a Hong Kong social welfare organization. The purpose is to provide them with more employment opportunities and achieve harmony between the disabled and the healthy.

In December last year, we were fortunate to be invited and trusted by the social enterprise coffee shop "Huu Cafe" founded by the Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of the Blind 𣄃. ” part of the coffee ear bag, the Hong Kong Blind Association is committed to helping visually impaired people become self-reliant and independent. [Still watching each other and shining brightly even in the dark The Association for the Advancement of the Blind, supports their service targets, but in fact indirectly helps two social welfare organizations.

Tasse coffee is very happy to be a good bridge. As long as everyone takes one more step, you and I can contribute our strength and influence to the social page. Don't underestimate your own strength. That's why I picked up the song of this event, Jer Liu Yingting - "The Magical Road" - "Courage is not blessed by good luck".

Song 5 - Teaching the Disabled to Realize the Barista Dream

In the past year, I have done many different types of coffee teaching work, and the service targets include people with different degrees of disabilities, among which the more profound one is to teach a visually impaired person to perform coffee latte art training, coffee latte art Flower training may seem impossible for a visually impaired person, but we believe that even if you lose your eyesight, you just don't give up. Use touch, hearing and touch, such as distinguishing the sound of different parts of the coffee machine, feeling the milk froth As long as they start at the correct angle and position, after overcoming the difficulties in their learning, they can do the entire lahua movement. We have personally witnessed that the impossible has become possible, so we are proud of them, so we choose Lu Guangzhong's "Must Believe in Yourself" Although they are not optimistic, you must believe in yourself and send it to everyone.

The sixth song - Recovering the original intention, the volunteer team of the community elderly center

I have lived in a small community since I was a child, and I often take part in different volunteer work in the district. Because it is very meaningful, I can help people I know or don’t know in the district.

When I grew up, I set up a coffee education center. My original intention remained the same, and I also hoped to provide volunteer services to different communities. We organized a volunteer group mainly composed of our students. After that, we went to the community elderly center to conduct voluntary coffee. The experience activity is to teach the elders to experience what coffee is. It not only enables the students to apply what they have learned, but also helps others. It can be said to help people to help themselves. I still remember that one of the elder students told me that because of learning coffee , make coffee at home every day, and the family and the children have more common topics. Because of this, in 2022, I hope to be able to do the volunteer service work that I have always loved, and together with our like-minded students, I can serve more different organizations. Picking Zhou Guoxian Endy Chow x ToNick [The original intention of time], I hope everyone can have time to reflect on what they originally wanted to do, and regain their original intention and passion

Song 7 - Tasse Coffee x New Technology Promotes Coffee Culture

Before the establishment of Tasse Coffee, I actually worked in digital media and research and development for a long time. I hoped that there would be some latest technology to combine coffee, which could help promote the coffee industry. This year, I also hope to try the latest technology, such as blockchain, NFT and other technologies, which can connect to the coffee industry and expand to the community, so that everyone can be more exposed to different coffee cultures. Pick up Tyson Yoshi's "Better", "re-learn this lesson", get in touch with the new generation of music, keep up with the times, seize the opportunity, and welcome a better version of yourself!

Song 8 - Hope for Tasse Coffee 2022

Since 2020, due to the epidemic, everyone has been meeting less in the past two years. Many experiences and experiences have been missed, and different friends around them have left Hong Kong one after another. It is not easy to get together when choosing to immigrate and study abroad.

The past two or three years can be called difficult days in terms of social and economic aspects, but we all endured them one by one. I left the One Promise's "see you next year", I hope the new wave of the epidemic will end soon, and I can meet my friends again soon, "The times have changed and people's feelings have changed, how beautiful and unbroken See you tomorrow, see you next year, see you today, you must Rest well and escape"