Italian Barista Certificate course, Italy

The Italian barista certification course is a coffee course designed for the daily work needs of professional baristas with the goal of practical application.
Italian Coffee Certification Course
What is the Italian Barista Certificate Program?

There are many different coffee certificate courses on the market, including SCA's Barista, but SCA courses focus on theory and coffee experimental science, and there are not many applications for baristas' daily work.

The Italian Barista Certificate is a highly certified and recognized training program adopted by the professional coffee industry around the world for current baristas, those ready to start a coffee related start-up or looking to start a coffee-related start-up.

The Italian Barista Certificate focuses on the actual needs of a barista or roaster, and all learning topics (barista, latte, brewing, and roasting) are based on practical training.Theory is conducted before the course, through an online training system.Classroom time is dedicated to practice and skill development.

Earning an Italian Barista Certificate and a Coffee Specialist degree means you've become a certified barista, roaster and taster with all the necessary job skills.

Tasse Coffee is pleased to be the only coffee education centre in Hong Kong that is authorised to offer the IBC International Certificate Programme.

Italian Barista Certificate IBC Diploma

The Four Areas (Barista, Brew the World, Roast and Cup, and Latte Art)
There are two levels: basic and advanced, and after completion, you can get Junior Coffee Specialty and Coffee Specialty Diploma certification

Barista (4 hours basic + 8 hours advanced)

The world of baristas is all-encompassing.The two levels of this certification range from coffee knowledge to the perfect espresso and cappuccino making, and even learning recipes such as shake coffee, smoothie coffee and Lecce coffee.You'll learn how to set up a coffee machine and learn how to manage food costs in the bar.

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Brew The World (4-hour base + 8-hour progression)

IBM's brewing revisited is a modern and very old world.In fact, we start with the classic brewing (extraction parameters + modern extraction methods) in the "Brew the world" format, all the way to regional and traditional methods: Ibrik, dallah, Vietnamese coffee, South American "sock", Italian moka, cuccumella in Neaples, etc...

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Roast & Cup (4 hours basic + 8 hours advanced)

The two grades of this area combined with knowledge of green beans, sensory roasting and coffee tasting will be necessary for a complete "coffee expert".

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Latte Art (4 hours basic + 8 hours advanced)

Latte art has become an essential aspect of the Barista world. In many cases, it can be said that if you do not know how to create latte art, you are not a true barista.

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Italian Barista Certificate Barista Certification Course

Italian Barista Certificate
Globally certified professional coffee training courses

The Italian Barista Certificate (or Italian Barista Method) is a globally certified professional coffee training course.The course focuses on enhancing the real needs of a barista or roaster and teaches all learning topics including barista, latte art, brewing and roasting according to actual training protocols.

The certificate is divided into four areas: Barista, World Brewing, Baking & Cupping, and Latte Art.Each area has two levels: Basic and Advanced.Completing all exams earns you the title of "Coffee Expert".All test results are recorded on a "passport card".Passing the exam at four basic levels leads to the certificate of "Junior Coffee Specialist"; Passing the exam at four advanced levels leads to the certificate of "Coffee Expert".

The Italian Barista Certificate doesn't just teach how to make the perfect espresso and cappuccino, it covers so much more.Through a combination of online and in-person courses, you will gain not only basic knowledge, but also professional skills and techniques.Baristas must know how to prepare V60, and how to check food costs.Roasters must know green coffee and know how to taste it.The scope of work of coffee operators is very broad, much broader than is commonly believed.

How do I get the Junior Coffee Specialist Foundation level?

Complete the Junior Coffee Specialty Foundation Level certification by completing the four IBC areas, including Barista, World Brewing, Baking & Cupping, and Latte Art.

How do I get the Coffee Specialist Advanced level?

Completion of the Coffee Specialist Advanced Level certification in the four major areas of IBC, including Barista, World Brewing, Baking & Cupping, and Latte Art.

Italian barista Passport

By passing all the IBC Fundamentals and Advanced exams to become a true coffee expert, an important skill that covers the entire coffee supply chain.

All passed exams will be recorded on the "passport card".

Those who pass the 4 basic level exams will receive the following title: Junior Coffee Specialist

In addition to the basic level, the following title will be awarded through 4 advanced levels: Coffee Specialist

All certifications will be officially recorded on the official website of the Italian Barista IBC.