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Company Team building, group coffee experience

More than 80 companies, NGOs and institutions cooperate to hold diversified coffee courses and activities
Company or group Team Building Workshop activities (Cantonese or English are acceptable)
Diversified coffee group activities

Tasse Coffee has cooperated with more than 80 companies, NGO organizations and institutions in the past to organize diversified coffee activities to meet the needs of different companies or teams, including:

- Explore the coffee industry
- Hand pour coffee workshop
- Latte art course
- International Coffee Certificate Program
- Hong Kong style milk tea making class
- Coffee service at the meeting
- Entrepreneurship lecture

We are located in Kwai Hing Commercial Building. The three classrooms have an area of over 2,000 feet, which is enough to accommodate up to 50 people. They are fully equipped and provide a variety of coffee tools and equipment that meet the requirements of different international certificate examinations. If you want to teach on-site, you need to charge freight depending on the region.

Hand brewed coffee or latte art experience or certificate class
Company coffee experience activities

NGO, primary and secondary schools can enjoy a special price starting from 2 hours for the hand-made coffee/coffee flower workshop. The activity fee is about $250 per person. The content of the activity is:

Hand pour coffee method and technique
- Learn about coffee and coffee beans
- Learn about coffee bean processing
- Know the types of coffee brewing tools
- Learn how to brew coffee

Methods and techniques of latte art
- Familiar with latte art tools and theory
- Learn the basic skills of latte art
- Learn steam frother training
- Learn to draw hearts, leaves, or other creative designs
- Guaranteed to reserve most of the practice time

* Machines, tools and materials are provided by Tasse Coffee * Group discounts are available for NGOs and institutions

Coffee Professional Training and Career Orientation Workshop
Coffee Industry Exploration, Coffee Entrepreneurship Sharing

In addition to general coffee experience classes, Tasse Coffee will also cooperate with companies or organizations to organize professional international coffee courses and career-oriented workshops to let students understand the roles and division of labor in the coffee industry. Of course, they will also share or teach Topics such as how to start a coffee business or open a coffee shop.

We cooperate with more than 80 commercial organizations, NGO groups or schools to organize different coffee events

  • Commercial Organizations - including Hermes, Apple, lululemon, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Cathay Pacific Service Ltd., CCB Hong Kong, Prudential Insurance Company Limited, Master Pie (2nd) Limited, Sun Life Financial, Microsoft HK Limited, Peak Reinsurance Company Limited, AIA International Limited etc.


  • Government and non-profit-making organizations - including Rating and Valuation Department, Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation, Lifeline, YMCA, Neighborhood Advisers Association, Hong Kong Rehabilitation Force, VTC- IVDC, Sheng Kung Hui Coloring Aging Academy, Hong Kong Blind Association Jinhui, Yau Cafe (social enterprise for the visually impaired), Welfare Association for the Deaf, Young Women's Christian Association, Hong Kong Playground Association, Caritas Tung Tau Elderly Center, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Tsuen Wan Club, Tsung Tsin Church Hong Kong, Sha Tin Integrated Services Centre, Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups (Special Workplace Training Class for the YWETS Program), Neighborhood Advice-Action Council Ethnic Minority Support Service Center, Sheng Kung Hui Vocational Service, Our Lady of the Good Shepherd House, Caritas Hong Kong, Hong Kong Society for Drug Abuse Centre, Vocational Training Council Youth Academy (Kwai Fong), etc.


  • School groups - including Hong Kong Red Cross Princess Alice School, Liu Po Shan Memorial College, Chung Sing Charity Society Wu Chan Kam Chi Secondary School, Young Women's Christian Association, Rose Hill Secondary School, Sheng Kung Hui Li Ping Secondary School, Yuen Long Catholic Secondary School, Precious Blood Girls' Secondary School, Yenching College of the Church of Christ in China, Po Leung Kuk Tong Nai Kan Junior High School, Hong Kong Red Swastika Society Tai Po Swastika Secondary School, etc.
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