City & Guilds 咖啡國際證書課程

United Kingdom City & Guilds
International Coffee Certificate Program

It is suitable for those who wish to immigrate, open a shop or intend to pursue a career in coffee.
Tasse Coffee Coffee Education Center is
City & Guilds Coffee Course Registration Teaching and Examination Centre

City & Guilds is an international qualification awarding body with a history of more than 130 years and one of the largest international accreditation and qualification awarding bodies in the UK. City & Guilds' coffee courses are consistently one of the most recognised global courses in coffee education in the world, with qualifications recognised across industries and employers alike as a measure of job skills.

The knowledge and skills certified by the City & Guilds qualification certificate reflect international general standards, are not restricted by industries and regions, and are valid in any country.

Tasse Coffee Coffee Education Center is a registered teaching and examination center for City & Guilds International Award in Barista Skills 7102-62 (Chinese professor) and 7102-62 (English professor) international coffee blender course.

City & Guilds
International Coffee Blender Course Content

1. Introduction to coffee history and culture.

2. Coffee knowledge, such as distinguishing coffee beans from different origins, how to choose high-quality coffee, etc.

3. Coffee blending process and various types of coffee brewing methods, including blending, standard espresso brewing, distilled and filter coffee, milk frothed coffee Cappuccino & Latte latte art skills and practice and understanding of iced coffee making method.

4. Other specialty foods include: hot chocolate, English black tea, smoothies.

5. Food and article handling and storage methods.

6. Occupational health and safety

7. Professional portrait of a coffee blender

8. Skills to maintain good communication with customers

9. Practical Exam

class schedule
Coffee theory, internships and exams, everything starts with the basics

Course Name: 7102-52/62 City & Guilds International Awards in Barista Skills

Language of instruction: Cantonese / Mandrain / English

Number of places: 4 people start class - 6 people are full

Open on weekdays and weekends

Total 18-hour tuition fee plus examination fee: HK,380 (including course materials and notes) 

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