Tasse Coffee Community Program

1. Construct an ERB coffee on-the-job training ecosystem, so that ERB graduates can further join the society 

2. Coffee volunteer team service, serving the elderly and NGOs

Existing ERB Coffee Course Issues
Students fail to enter the coffee market after completing the ERB coffee course

Employee Retraining ERB Coffee Brewer Basic Certificate is an "employment-linked course" for the unemployed, rehabilitated or elderly. We found that only a small number of trainees can actually return to the workplace through the ERB course.

1) The reason is that the trainees have no practical experience in coffee brewing, so it is difficult for the employer to make a hiring decision.

2) After completing the ERB course, the trainee fails to continue to study the international professional qualification coffee course, which affects the opportunity to join the coffee industry.

We want to solve existing problems
1. Construct ERB Coffee on-the-job training ecosystem

Observing that society does not provide sufficient opportunities, we aspire to construct an ecosystem for on-the-job training through our own efforts.

1) Provide employment opportunities for students who are also passionate about coffee education, and serve as tutors or teaching assistants at Tasse Coffee;

2) To mobilize part of the operating income of Tasse Coffee, and to support students to obtain the international coffee certification;

3) Provide on-the-job training to equip students with practical teaching in the classroom to help disadvantaged groups re-employment;

4) Actively contact local coffee shops to create internship and employment opportunities for students who intend to join the barista industry, and truly return to the workplace.

Serving the Elderly and NGOs
2. Set up a coffee volunteer team to serve

Even with the same coffee beans and the same brewing method, the taste of coffee is still ever-changing, which is the charm of coffee. In order to promote coffee culture and let more people know and accept these magical little beans, Tasse Coffee has set up a coffee volunteer team, which regularly visits elderly homes and institutions in various districts. The volunteers will teach basic coffee skills and let everyone feel the brewing by hand The temperature of the coffee blooms the taste buds.

Since October 2022 onwards, we had cooperated with the “Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Zhuyuan Pastor Ma Tian Fazheng Elderly Integrated Service Center” to hold coffee courses at the center twice a month, so that the elderly can have more time to focus on learning and experience brewing coffee.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us.