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Located at 1-6-12 Takata Horse Farm, Tokyo

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Coffee Tour from Hong Kong to Tokyo, Japan

Hong Kong, an international city that combines East and West cultures, is also the birthplace of Tasse Coffee. Here, we are proud of our commitment to coffee education and have nurtured countless coffee lovers and professionals. Every cup of Tasse Coffee contains our passion for coffee and our persistence in the pursuit of perfection.
With the success of Tasse Coffee in Hong Kong, we decided to take this passion further. Tokyo, Japan, this world-class metropolis not only has a profound coffee culture, but also is the coffee trend center of Asia. Thus, we also launched Tasse Coffee Roastery in Tokyo.

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Tasse Coffee Roastery in Tokyo is not only a coffee shop, but also a coffee roasting studio. We choose the top coffee beans from all over the world, and here through the hands of professional roasters, roast every perfect coffee bean. Every cup of coffee made by Tasse Coffee Roastery is a tribute to the art of coffee.

From the coffee education center in Hong Kong to the coffee roasting and branding stores in Japan, tasse Coffee has always maintained a sincere passion for coffee. Whether you are in Hong Kong or Tokyo, you can feel the charm of that perfect cup of coffee brought by Tasse Coffee.

Welcome to Tasse Coffee and experience the real coffee journey with us.

Tasse Coffee Roastery 地址

Ground Floor, 1-6-12 Takata Horse Farm, Shinjuku District, Tokyo

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