Tasse Coffee Course FAQs

The Tasse Coffee instructor team is- Active VTC IVDC ERB course instructor- City and Guilds International Coffee Blender Skills Certificate- Latte Art Grading System Instructor Qualification- City & Guilds International Award in Barista Skills British International Coffee Blender Certification- Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), AST Instructor Certification - Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - Barista Skills - Barista Skills - Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - Brewing - Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - Sensory Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - Sensory - Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - Roasting Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - Roasting - Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) - Green Bean Specialty Coffee Association - Green Beans

You can enroll in the "Professional Barista Training Course", which includes hand-brewing, siphon, Italian, latte art and coffee roasting, allowing you to understand different aspects of coffee from the simple to the deep. Majority of the students who complete this course often choose to further specialize in their areas of interest by enrolling in advanced courses.

The content of both courses is the same, including hand brewing, siphoning, Italian, latte and baking

-the difference:

- "One-day professional barista training class" can make an appointment with the instructor to attend the class, and it is a private class, and you can complete five courses in one go.

You can start the advanced class of punching/lahua, one class for 1-2 people, one class for two hours, two classes, and you can make an appointment with the instructor to attend the class.Instructors will customize the course content for you to make you go further in the coffee road.

Private class: 1-2 people per class, two hours per class, you can make an appointment with the instructor.The instructor will adjust the teaching according to the level of the students, and teach you how to improve according to your gestures.For details, please refer to:

-Introductory class: 2-4 people per class, 1.5 hours per class, there are fixed days and times, for details, please refer to:

The class venue is located in a commercial building approximately 5 minutes away from Kwai Chung or Kwai Hing MTR stations.

We accept all forms of vouchers, which you can pay for on the site.

About Latte Art Grading System Latte International Certificate

The Latte Art Grading System is an Italian coffee international certificate course, which is a grading and certification of latte art skills, creativity and artistic presentation.

-LAGS is internationally recognized and suitable for those who wish to immigrate, open a shop or want to pursue a career in coffee

Yes, the Latte Art Grading System is divided into five levels: white, orange, green, red and black, and you need to go through each level to get this certification.

Yes, it is possible. However, we recommend that you first enroll in the introductory latte art course or a private class to establish a strong foundation before taking the certification exam. This approach will increase your chances of success.

-Tasse Coffee's introductory latte art class will use LAGS as the teaching model to prepare LAGS for you.

About the City & Guilds International Certificate in Barista

The international recognition of the CIty and Guilds International Coffee Blender Skills Qualification Certificate course is relatively high, and other coffee courses are relatively cheap, suitable for people who are beginners in coffee. 

Yes, an internationally recognized coffee course.

Absolutely, the City and Guilds Barista Course will teach you practical coffee brewing skills from the simple to the deep.

The City and Guilds International Coffee Blender Skills Certificate Course is rich in content and will also teach students different coffee making skills including Japanese siphon pot, French press pot, pour-over coffee and American filter coffee.

Of course, after completing the course, if students want to further study the brewing method they are interested in, they can enroll in different advanced courses of Tasse Coffee.

About Tasse Coffee Professional Barista Course

After completing the Tasse Coffee Professional Barista Course, there will be a course completion certificate issued by Tasse Coffee.As the Tasse Coffee Professional Barista Course has been successfully accredited by the UK Qualifications Framework, if you need to, you can arrange for relevant examinations to obtain the UK TQUK International Certificate, which is recognized by international institutions.

Students enrolled in the Tasse Coffee professional barista course have been recognized by TQUK, the British Qualifications Framework, and may apply for the examination simultaneously. After successfully passing, they can obtain the internationally recognized TQUK "Intro to Coffee Level" certificate.

The professional barista course focuses on practice, more than 80% of which is coffee practice time.Five coffee classes teach you the basics of coffee, pour-over coffee, siphon coffee, espresso, latte art and coffee bean roasting.Find out which coffee brew method you prefer, and take an Advanced or International Certificate course after graduation.