Flower Parent-Child Experience Course👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Flowers are definitely not patented by adults. Children can take part in this interesting course.‍‍‍Earlier, there were more Hong Kong.and JapanMom took the same little darling to the hall and sweet to the explosion.♥️

Parent-child coffee flower/chocolate flower painting experience the whole private class form, a large family to enjoy the parent-child time, children alternative discharge, cultivate artistic cells‍

Chocolate painting is suitable for young children. The family makes chocolate together, then draws flowers and dolls on it, grunting and grunting, drinking and burying together to create good memories.

Course contents
Learn about chocolate and the choice of milk
Understanding Flower Painting Tools
Using a coffee machine to foam milk
Master how to draw patterns with sketching tools
Taste delicious chocolate

Target: 3-8 year old children and parents

If mom and dad like to drink coffee, can your children cultivate another virtue?So coffee flowers welcome parents and children to sign up

Course contents
Know the flower pulling tool and how to choose suitable milk jugs, coffee beans and milk
Understand the theory of pulling flowers, and the mentor shares his experience in pulling flowers successfully
Use coffee machine to operate steam to make milk and master the tips of temperature and sound
Practice the basic skills of drawing flowers, train hand-eye coordination and placement with milk, and at the end of the class, you can taste the coffee drawing made by yourself.

Target: Children aged 8-14 and their parents

To satisfy children's endless energy and curiosity, Tasse Coffee will help you

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