Hong Kong Federation of Social Enterprises organizes social enterprise visits


On the eve of the winter solstice, taking advantage of the warmer weather, take a walk along the Sai Kung waterfront under the warm winter sun, then turn into King Man Street, and see the social enterprise Chip In Fish & Chips when you look up.The shop assistants are warmly entertaining and offer limited mulled wine and snacks, which is extra heartwarming.

The Hong Kong Federation of Social Enterprises organizes social enterprise visits from time to time to allow members and social enterprise partners to build a communication bridge and promote mutual exchanges. Tasse Coffee participated in the event for the first time after becoming a certified social enterprise. This time, it chose Chip In, Sai Kung. The founder Vicky shared with us the way of operation and management experience outside the store. During the conversation, I learned that she supports the employment of disadvantaged groups, advocates environmental protection and insists on maintenance The service of food quality and safety coincides with our philosophy.

The scope of social enterprises is diverse, but everyone shoulders the important task of promoting sustainable social development. I sincerely thank Vicky for her substantial sharing, and openly visited the kitchen equipment. Finally, I prepared the signature fish and chips and fried Oreo to draw a perfect conclusion to the event.We also took the opportunity to communicate with other social enterprise representatives, learn from fellow travelers, and strive to meet the needs of our students and service targets, while bringing greater influence to the society.

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