2022 Review

Looking back on this year, there are slow and thorny, thank you to our team, thank you to the students who came to class, and thank you to the institutions, companies and different schools that trust us.

We were established when the epidemic hit, and it took three years in a blink of an eye. From an ordinary coffee education center, we have experienced several waves of epidemics, and we still ride the wind and waves and continue to move forward. The educational institution of the course joined the ranks of the Association of Social Enterprises a few months ago. The change of identity makes us not forget our original intention and strive to cultivate in the community.

In addition to cooperating with various non-profit organizations, primary and secondary schools, and enterprises to inherit the coffee culture, we took advantage of the slowdown of the epidemic to restart the volunteer team, served several different elderly centers, and shared the joy of making coffee with friends.

In the past two years, students have been immigrating overseas, and they have not forgotten to say goodbye one after another. It is indeed very emotional, but I can witness that they successfully obtained the international coffee certificate and successfully changed jobs or started a business. Although there is no graduation ceremony with a square hat , but it is indeed very gratifying to see their achievements.

This year, I was honored to be introduced and reported by major media, including Viutv's "Self-improvement in the Epidemic", Commercial Radio 903's "Zhu Xun, How Are You" and "Who Resonates", Radio Television Hong Kong's "Talking East and West" and "Talking About Coffee" , TVB's "Young Boys' Plans - Weekend Gathering", U Magazine's "Community Building", Hong Kong 01 "Community Topic", Economic Daily's "Pandemic Market Business", and KOL and professional introductions on major social platforms, etc., give We have the opportunity to share how coffee connects with the community, and we can exchange ideas and experiences with hosts and reporters... Adding beautiful pictures to this wonderful time.

The busy 2022 has come to the last day in the blink of an eye, and the years are peaceful and peaceful.

In 2023, we will create a larger coffee space and explore different possibilities for everyone and the community. Please continue to give us your advice.